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    Blast beats endurance

    Not necessarily endurance -related but I found that my left hand finger control is severely lacking. I've worked on french grip for now, and it's slowly getting better. It wasn't the endurance, but the lack of relaxation.
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    Blast beats endurance

    So I've been working on technique the past year and got up to over 200bpm blasts. The question on endurance is: do I practice it at slower, medium or the fastest tempo I can go at? I'd guess all of them but I have limited focus and energy towards drum practice each day. [I've been working on...
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    Double bass, BIG problems

    Pedal might need maintenance. Also, double pedals require consistent work. 80 to 100 bpm, triplet 8ths, 16ths and 16th triplets. Control is key.
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    What did your practice sessions look like starting out?

    Mostly I was trying to play along to tracks I had no chance with.
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    I come up with a riff or a beat, then the product of fiddling around and rumination takes some kind of initial form. I've also written lyrics outside the context of music to set them to. It's a soup brewing in my head until it becomes a riff, beat or lyrics. I hum to myself or make weird...
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    What do lyrics mean to you?

    I've seen the youtube channel by one of the band members. Makes sense.
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    What do lyrics mean to you?

    Lyrics are part of the subject/theme the song and band is going for. Quite essential in my opinion.
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    Managing practice time with more than one instrument?

    I started guitar a week ago basically.
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    Managing practice time with more than one instrument?

    Started guitar practice recently to create my own riffs and songs eventually, but I have no idea how to divide time between the drums and guitar. I get fatigued by practicing both, but drums are so physical and coordination intensive I noticed I put much more time into guitar now. I'm not...
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    Did You Play Today?

    Guitar and drums. Such a star.
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    Left foot control problem

    I can do 8ths at 140 to 150 clean with my left foot. Obviously this is a problem when trying to get faster double bass. Are there any control exercises I could do besides playing songs and grooves with my left?
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    Improving timing

    Yeah basically fast and loud combined. I've gotten better through the years but I'm lacking the patience to stick with things/songs until I master them.
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    Improving timing

    I try to push myself at the kit all the time, which results in sloppiness and poorly learned parts of songs (which I don't know by heart usually). What kind of stuff will help me with precision and timing, in terms of exercises and things I can work on daily?