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    Happy Birthday Mr. er, Dr. Bruford

    Bill Bruford, PhD. turns 68 today! Dr. Bruford's doctoral dissertation is available for download if you're interested: Thesis. Version of Record.pdf It is called "Making it Work: Creative music performance and the Western kit drummer" A note at DGM...
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    Once Upon A Time

    I just finished a new tune. It's called Once Upon A Time. I wrote it for my wife on occasion of our anniversary. Short and sweet, only two minutes long. Give a listen here: It's piano, drums (three mics only!), bass, electric guitar, vibes and...
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    DIY Gong Drum

    I made a gong drum to go with my Starclassic Maple kit. It was a lot of work to match the dye for the finish (Vintage Antique Maple) but I think it came out nice. The pic is of the unit sitting next to a 16" floor tom so you can make a comparison. Unfortunately the flash rather washes out the...
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    Tama Gong Drum

    I am wondering if any owners of a Tama gong bass drum could do me a favor and measure the distance from the bottom of the shell to the bottom of the stand mounts (not the lugs). I need to know where to place these two beasties on the shell. Thanks muchly.
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    I am wondering if anyone has experience with the Musser M55 Provibe vs. the M46 One Nighter. Do they use the same bars? The info on the Musser site is not clear. It just says "large graduated" for both. Also, any comments on the Adams Concert Series vibe with the Voyager frame? I can get the...
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    Software Recommendations

    I'm looking for input on some software to run on my Windows 8 box, two things: 1. Video editing. I want to be able to take a bunch of video footage from different cameras shot at the same time (no SMPTE or sync) into a single video, cutting and transitioning back and forth between them, perhaps...
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    Rocker Pedal Hi-Hat

    Many moons ago I owned a Gretsch hi hat stand that had a rocker style pedal. That is, the footplate went back further than the hinge so you could force open the cymbals by pushing your heel down. It was a light duty pedal and not in good shape (got it used) and I sold it with the Gretsch kit I...
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    Your "Optimal" Hardware Line

    Who do you think makes a hardware line that best hits the "sweet spot" in terms of price and performance? Let's keep it simple and limit it to cymbal, snare and hi-hat stands, and thrones. I'm not curious about the toughest or some such. For example, I very much like my Tama Roadpro series gear...
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    Isolation: Ultraphones vs. IEMs

    Who has used both IEMs and Ultraphones? I am interested in the comparative isolation qualities of them . I picked up a pair of Ultraphones based on the strong recommendations seen here. Nice stuff, good isolation. They do seem to grip my head rather aggressively, though. I can't imagine playing...
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    Starclassic Maple: Second Week Report

    OK, back to my atypical kit (pic in this thread: ). The transition from the e-drums was up and down. Some days good, some not so. I didn't realize how much the volume difference was affecting my playing. First, I think I was reticent to hit...
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    Atypical Kit Not a Typical Kit

    Some of you may recall that I ordered a Tama Starclassic Maple (in antique maple) several months ago. It has arrived. A little background first in order to explain the configuration: Back in the dark ages (1970s) I had a 2up/1down Gretsch birch kit (12,13,16). I added some Roto Toms and...
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    Stupid Human Tricks, Spock Fingers Edition

    Here's a stupid little video I made several years ago for the entertainment of some friends. Background music courtesy of Kate Bush. Enjoy. SpockFingers
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    Humor Does Belong in Music

    It occurred to me that I have never posted anything I've recorded on this forum so here's a tune called The Return of Wayne Dangre. It is based on a tune I wrote with a friend and bass player some 30 years ago called The Wayne Dangre Theme Song. There is a rather long and mildly humorous...
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    "Seven" versus ?

    I was listening to the first Oblivion Sun CD this morning (if not familiar, it's a couple members of Happy the Man with new additions, HtM=1970s prog). There are a few tunes in 7 and I got to wondering how people count this. What I mean is, there is the obvious problem of "seven" being two...
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    This is Cool

    Check this out, nothing to do with drumming but this is great stuff. Here is an interactive graphic involving the European Space Agency's Rosetta spacecraft which currently is closing in on a binary comet: Even if you don't care about Rosetta, the...