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    Accents (paradiddle)

    Edit: In the exercise I posted above, the motions within the parentheses for letter A should be (for the last three 8th notes) t , t , u I re-uploaded the exercise with the corrections. Jeff
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    Best Method Book for Beginners?

    Since the thread was revisited yet again, I can add a few more recommendations. Josh Gottry’s resources Fresh Approach to Snare Drum by Mark Wessels...
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    Accents. Is it the right technique?

    This is the exact terminology that I use with my students. As Todd said, the fingers can’t be too floppy - just like you wouldn’t want floppy shock absorbers on your car. Jeff
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    Accents. Is it the right technique?

    Hi Todd, I often address that with students who started drumming with a different (lift up and throw down) technique. While transitioning to this technique, they will often have that remnant of the old technique that stays with them for a while. They will start with the sticks at the desired...
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    Accents. Is it the right technique?

    Very well said. I often say that the stick height will produce the dynamic that is required. The velocity in which the stick is thrown will fine tune the dynamic. I agree again! One can get very creative with this. For example, I used to play soft Basie-style shout choruses on the hi-hat...
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    Learning Dynamics

    Great advice from Cornelius, as always. You should experiment with two stick heights (two dynamic levels). Parts of my book were inspired by the writing style of Garwood Whaley. In his intermediate to advanced books, he would often write abrupt dynamic changes. I wrote a few examples based...
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    Accents (paradiddle)

    It's not re-posted. I wrote it specifically in response to the OP's question. I think you’re joking... If you're not, it’s ok. I gave myself permission to post it. I promise I won’t take legal action against myself - haha. Edit - It is not taken verbatim from my book. It is an adaptation of...
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    Accents (paradiddle)

    Great advice from Push-Pull-Stroke about taking it slow. Also, Arne is correct about using the motions. His advice about experimenting with simple, hand to hand accented rhythms is great as well. My book, The Level System, addresses these motions in detail. However, I want everyone here to...
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    Error Alert

    Hi planoranger, As I mentioned in my PM reply, I too thought it was the same person until I discovered the articles about the other Alan Abel (the prankster). Both were great drummers (which makes it easier to confuse the two), but the one we are discussing now dedicated his career to...
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    Minimum age for starting drum lessons

    For very young students (as referenced in the original post), the community music classes make sense. Those classes are meant to expose them to music in general. It allows them to build an interest in music that may lead to one on one lessons later. I have had great success with teaching 5...
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    How to do a buzz roll without tension?

    I wrote an article series for Modern Drummer Magazine (3 articles - closed roll, double stroke roll, and single stroke roll). It seems like they left the closed roll article up as promo material. The closed roll concept is the one I Iearned while studying with Joe Morello. It is similar to to...
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    Your book collection

    Good to see this thread revived. Since I last replied, I have probably added dozens of books to my collection. Of course I buy some, but I am sent ones on a regular basis to review for the Percussive Notes Journal. The prized possession of my collection is one of the first copies of Accents...
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    Recommend some drummers that are not yet on drummerworld

    I agree. She made quite an impression at this year’s PASIC, at both her clinic and the after hours jam session. Jeff
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    Looking for Tommy Lee past kits

    Scroll down to the end of the article and you’ll see “Drum Tech Clyde Duncan On Tommy’s Setup.” Jeff
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    My testament to nail polish on stick tips

    Does the epoxy wood hardener work better than the nail polish? Thanks, Jeff