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    Ludwig 14x5 black beauty or dw 14x5.5 NOB collectors?

    I've had the BB, BOB, DW, Sensitone and a few other nickel-over-brass drums in the same room with the same heads and tuned roughly the same. I thought the BB had the edge with the best tone of the lot.
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    Diplomats for resonant heads?

    I wouldn't call it a shortened resonance, but that's just me. I love Diplomats on bottoms!
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    Pork Pie Brass Patina 13x7 : Review

    Great video! And such a good dad :)
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    Hugh Padgham x Toontrack

    That's awesome!
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    Anyone recommend a decent drum throne brand?

    Pork Pie makes a good throne. Good luck!
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    Giant Beats?

    The 20" multi is one of my favorites. (y)
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    Ludwig Black Beauty

    Stock Ludwig wires for me. (y)
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    The 24" Paiste Masters Thin Ride demo minute!

    Sounds nice. (y)
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    20" vs 22" bass drum - Which is more versatile?

    Maybe it's just me but I've never really got on with 22" drums. I've owned plenty of 'em but usually gravitate to a 24-26" drum. If I'm going smaller than that, the 20" just feels better to me. Isn't that weird?
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    20" vs 22" bass drum - Which is more versatile?

    I'd happily take a 20" over a 22" any day of the week. 14" depth, of course. (y)
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    Evans hydraulics vs Remo pinstripes

    I haven't played hydraulics in years, but they're very different to a pinstripe. If you want the thud and short sustain, give a hydraulic a try. You might like it. I always thought the red ones sounded good, FWIW. Good luck!
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    Drum mics and mixer ?

    For rehearsing, I usually just mic up the kick. Anything else, I usually subscribe to the idea that 'less-is-more,' but if you're playing somewhere with an engineer on hand, let them worry about it. (y)
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    If you could just have one cymbal and hi-hats?

    Yup. I've lusted for one for many years but never pulled the trigger. I got close but found a set of Grand Master cymbals on closeout that were in the same ballpark so I took advantage of that deal instead. One of these days, though. ;)
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    If you could just have one cymbal and hi-hats?

    Aw, man. That's one of my favorite rides of all time. (y)
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    Hi Hats for versatility?

    I don't think you could go wrong with either, so why not get both? Maybe buy the ones you can get a better deal on now and pick up the others down the line? FWIW, I'm a Paiste guy, but I'll never part with my New Beats. And, more is better when it comes to cymbals, IMO. Good luck! (y)