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    Alter Bridge Drum Compilation One of my favorite bands!
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    My New Blues Project

    Please check us out.....
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    My New Blues Band Project

    And here is the first video from our recently recorded studio demo, please enjoy:
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    Tommy Igoe Drumless Tracks

    I recently discovered these and love being able to play your own stuff to it. Please check it out:
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    Me playing live

    Me playing with a band I sit in with for a live show, here are a few clips of the show that night.
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    Original Song Recorded

    These guys are great song writers and hired me to record a couple of songs for them and this was one of them, please let me know what you think! Thanks!
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    Any NFL Fans??

    I covered FOX's opening theme song just for fun and to start the 2012 season! Please check it out:
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    Any Rush Fans?

    I recorded a Rush Medley please let me know your thoughts bad or good? Thanks!
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    My First Live Show in 15 years....

    I was called by and old band mate to sit in for the night because the regular drummers was out of town and I loved it. Please let me know what you think!
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    Put Up or Shut Up - Johnathan Mover

    I love Johnathan Mover and he released this tune many years ago and I finally got around to learning it and it is all about odd time signatures. Please check it out and I would love some feedback! Thanks!
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    Any Alter Bridge Fans??

    I love playing to Scott Phillips...
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    My favorite band and drummer of all time - just hope I do it justice:
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    Me playing Stairway To Heaven -

    Let me know what you think. I love Led Zeppelin and John Bonham
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    Your Savior - Temple Of The Dog!

    My attempt at playing it:
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    Me Playing Eyes of A Stranger by Queensryche I love this song!