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    anyone ever tape over a 5-inch bass drum hole?

    Thanks, but it is possible I may have read about it somewhere now that I think about it. I do not remember when the idea struck me, so it may have been something I read on this forum.
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    A few exercises for my shut in lock down drumming brothers and sisters

    Yes sir. Thanks for putting these out there. It Hertas Everywhere was fun. I used Shirley Murphy and Friends around the kit for 2 bar breaks. I played 2 bars of swing time and then, for example, Line H + Line H left hand lead off. I just repeated Line H and swapped the sticking. It makes for a...
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    Bass drum reso heads with brand logos

    A little acetone or nail polish remover and a cotton pad will get rid of the Evans logo so you can rotate the head to straighten it out a bit.
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    Can micro-scratches be fixed?

    Yup. Get the tin as you'll find yourself polishing things just to blow your own mind.
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    anyone ever tape over a 5-inch bass drum hole?

    I've thought about doing this or cutting the top off of a round Tupperware container and adhering that to the porthole. You could then put the lid on when you want to close it. I never tried it because I keep different kits for different things, but if I didn't I sure would give it a try.
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    Supraphonic has a mind of its own...

    Make sure you check the wires for sharp spots as mentioned, and check the bearings edge. Supra acne occasionally makes it to the bearing edge necessitating sanding.
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    Evans UV coating and brushes

    UV1 is perfect for brushes. It does not wear away easily, so it won't feel like a broken in coated head, however it really is a great texture.
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    Question for any DW Collectors Series Owners

    I'll get back to this thread when I get to where a similar kit of mine lives.
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    Ride with a Good Crash Recommendations

    21" Bosphorus Traditional in the 2200-2500g range. I have one around 2500g with 2 rivets that is sublime.
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    looking for advice on Tama Rockstar RS 1990 kit.

    I wouldn't bother purchasing the original snare. What are the other snares you mentioned?
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    Ludwig Classic Maple Snare - MCF

    What kind of condition is the Radio King in?
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    Tom head for a bass drum? WTF?

    The collars are different. Fitment would depend on your bass drum hoop.
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    TAMA ARTSTAR II sounds like basket ball ...???( now with sound samples )

    That's what I was wondering. Move the kit around the room and listen to the difference.
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    What are you listening to right now?

    Skylarkin'- Grover Washington, Jr. Spanish Blue- Ron Carter
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    Post your Gig Pics

    That reso head is dope.