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    What Are You Doing While Riding Out This Period Of Social Isolation?

    I usually water my pineapple garden before the girlfriend comes over. Drives the wife mad.
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    Basement Mancave/Echo Chamber Need Help.

    Check Harbor Freight. The 80x72" packing blankets are $9, but they go on sale for $6 often. I bought 8 not to long ago to clean up the sound in my rehearsal studio. They look good too.
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    What are you doing drumwise during the lockdown?

    Low tempo brush technique and practicing bass.
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    If you had to pick 1 single pedal jazz/funk what do you get?

    Also, it could be the beater holder cylinder needs to have its hex screws tightened. I just had that happen to a 20yo Iron Cobra.
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    Selling on Ebay vs. Reverb-Pros/Cons? Ebay is just atrocious for selling anymore..............

    Reverb has been great to work with, and they will stand up for the seller, not just the buyer like Ebay. They do hold payment for the first two or three orders until they are recieved, but after that you are paid out within a few days.
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    Most influential drummers of the past 20 years?

    You asked a question. You were given answers 1,2, and 3. You said they don't count for varying reasons. Whatever. Enjoy your list.
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    Most influential drummers of the past 20 years?

    1 2 3 "No"
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    Who plays drums (?), another one like the thread from mikyok..
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    Tom positioning

    I'm going to say push the snare forward and to the left so you can bring the kick and toms closer. It looks like you have to wrap your leg around the snare to get to the pedal. You could also try flipping the tom tree around. I can't make it out in the pic so I don't know which one it is.
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    Help Identify Yamaha Handcrafted Japan Snare!

    I'm calling Nada.
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    Help Identify Yamaha Handcrafted Japan Snare!

    New user name?
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    Soft/heavy sounding hi-hats

    Use your top as the bottom and the thin crash as the top. Swap all of them until you find what you like.
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    Supraphonic hardware question

    Can you provide a recording? Even a phone recording would give us a better idea of what's going on.
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    1967 Ludwig Super Classic Restoration

    Looks great. Now I know to haphazardly spray paint drums if I'm going to store a kit for a long while.
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    McCoy Tyner RIP