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    I guess I just don't like...

    I really want to like bronze snare drums, but I don't.
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    Are Birch Drums the Best for Indoor Acoustics?

    Man, I love the smell of drums. I go right to a happy place when I'm changing heads and get to bask in the fragrance.
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    Ludwig 14x5 black beauty or dw 14x5.5 NOB collectors?

    Same for me. My DWs hold their tuning better than anything I’ve owned. And I’m definitely a ham fisted player at times.
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    What is your favorite drummer joke?

    So many drummers. So little time.
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    Drum Center Portsmouth - black friday

    I'd love to try one of the Brooklyn sets w a 26" bass drum
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    Ludwig 14x5 black beauty or dw 14x5.5 NOB collectors?

    I saw a youtube comparison video of the BB and DW and when tuned the same, they sounded almost identical. I've owned a couple of BBs over the years and I swear they were inconsistent sounding, but never owned two at once to do a side by side test. One drum sounded full bodied and had that...
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    Are Kumu Drums considered boutique? Their stuff intrigues me for sure. Would love to hear/play a set in person.
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    Gretsch Brooklyn Question

    Renown gets my vote. You're saving a grand and getting an amazing set that can sound every bit as good as the USA lines.
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    Prices are nuts these days

    Now that kinda stuff annoys me a bit. But, the shops electric bill or rent may have increased too.
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    Are Low End Drums a Waste of Time?

    I say low end drums are not a waste of time. I started with a low end Royce Percussion set way back when I was 12. I learned a lot with those drums. I learned how to tune them in order to maximize what little decent tone I could get. I learned to deal with hardware that wasn’t great. I...
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    Old Premier APK's sound as good as anything

    I had a set of Signias and sold em maybe 20 years ago. Great drums that I wish I didn't have to sell.
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    New drummer - Bought new set with a bent hoop

    I'd take them up on exchanging the set...even though it's a pain in the rear to exchange a whole set vs just getting a replacement hoop.
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    Prices are nuts these days

    For sure. I ordered a set of drums days before pandemic lockdowns began in the US, so I got in before prices took off. The price on the exact same set, at the same dealer, is significantly higher these days. I'm glad I bought when I did. I have no idea if prices will ever drop to match or...
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    I knew it was gonna be a bad gig when...

    I knew it when they told me the gig was at a neighborhood yard sale. My buddies and I were only 13 or so and after being regularly asked to play softly and non offensive, we decided it was a good time to play the overture to 2112. Cops came and we got fired.
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    Ever had your edges recut and you were unhappy with the results?

    Good call on not touching them. Sometimes, I think the sound mojo of vintage drums comes from imperfections. I had a set of Super Classics that sounded great...with an old school tribal bark to the sound, but the edges were a bit wonky. Had them re cut and the mojo was gone. I didn't realize...