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    Snare Drums - Wood Snare Recommendations

    You can get pretty close to Chad's sound if you use that offset rimshot technique. I think a thicker shell will work best for that cutting rimshot sound. At least 6mm shell thickness, generally a 14x5" snare...but no deeper than 14x6". In thinking about what snares have that sound, the first...
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    Snare Drums - Wood Snare Recommendations

    This doesn't really answer your question about wood snares, but it's interesting.
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    Modern drum finishes and sun fading

    What about indirect sunlight coming through the window? From a cursory google search it seems that UV light does in fact reflect off of surfaces, but at a reduced rate.
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    Got my new Sonor SQ1's today....Meh..

    Yeah, if I bought an expensive kit and discovered QC issues, I'd definitely be talking about it here. That's what this forum is for, talking about drums...both the good stuff and the bad stuff.
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    In defense of new gear...

    Congrats on the Quick Beats! Are you using in-ear monitors to listen to music while you drum? If not, you should get a pair of KZ in-ears from Amazon. Very good quality for the money.
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    3up 3down questions

    Gergo Borlai uses 3 floor toms on his right side. He makes it look way too easy. It's totally not, lol. He's not using 3 racks in this video, but I have seen him use an 8" occasionally. I think 3 floor toms on the right is crazy. You gotta twist yourself around to even reach it. Definitely...
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    The feel of a drum

    I think SOUND plays a big part in the perceived "feel" of a drum. Sure, the tension of the head and the amount of rebound you get play a big part...but...the speed at which the drum speaks when you hit it can have an effect too. Some drums have a super fast response (like Canopus drums for...
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    Got my new Sonor SQ1's today....Meh..

    That's disappointing and quite surprising to hear. Sonor has a great reputation, at least for the Made in Germany drums. Is it possible to get the issues rectified through your dealer or from Sonor directly?
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    Future 'Vintage' Drums

    I wouldn't be surprised if the Pork Pie USA drums have gone up in price. But.....since the Coronavirus lockdown, the drum market has pretty much crashed. There are tons of drums being put up on Reverb every day, but very few are being sold.
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    Favorite piece of gear that's not a drum or cymbal.

    The bass does sound bigger and louder when the Porter & Davies is turned on. It's crazy. I haven't played super loud stages in a long time though, so that was not the reason I got it. I bought it because I wanted to feel more connected to the bass drum, more closely synced up, and most...
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    Favorite piece of gear that's not a drum or cymbal.

    My Porter and Davies BC Gigster. Just got it a week ago, and it instantly became my favorite thing because of how much it's changed my drumming for the better. My bass drum playing no longer feels slightly detached from my hands. I'm more in control over my rhythms and grooves. This thing is...
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    What do you hear when it's silent?

    I think I have tinnitus too. It's a result of all those years of not using ear protection as much as I should. It's very subtle though and only noticeable when I'm specifically listening for it.
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    May be getting some Renowns - Which ones are these?

    You may have to change your name to RenownGuy after you try them out. 😄 Definitely give us a full rundown of your thoughts once you've played them. It'll be interesting to see what you think of the 20" bass drum as well. That's the same size I have.
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    Ever regret selling something?

    :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: Green Vistalites are the rarest color because nobody bought them back in the 70s. Supposedly, Ludwig only made 50 kits in green. They fetch a much higher price than the other colors because they're so rare. Were they concert toms or 2 headed? From Drum...
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    New drums for quarantine

    Are these Cherry/Mahogany shells the same thickness as the other Collector's shells...but just without re-rings?