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    New Rogers Covington full kit

    I can't quite get my head around how bass spurs, perhaps literally the easiest part of a drumset to swap out, could be a deal breaker. Now, $4300, that's a deal breaker!
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    Question for the People Playing 4 Piece Drum Sets- Sizes

    My starter kit was the standard 22/12/13/16 "rock" configuration. After a few years I had stopped playing the 13" tom and started using it for spare parts for the other drums. When I finally upgraded, I went with 20x14, 12x8, 16x14. The smaller bass (down from 16" depth too) is much easier to...
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    USB for multitrack recording

    I know Firewire is faster than USB (especially FW800), and I've heard that USB recording interfaces can have some lag issues. With all the USB interfaces on the market though (a much better selection than Firewire ones), I have to wonder if it really matters. Does anyone have actual experience...
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    Some improv

    Hey guys. I recently recorded a few tracks with my project abnd. It's pretty low tech and completely improvisational. If you follow that link to our myspace, I played on all the tracks we have up, although drums only on Pool. Tell me what you think.