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    Yamaha Stage Custom ?

    Kind of depends on your meaning of "improvement". If you're willing to change wood type .... which will give you a "different" sound (but whether it's an "improved" sound is really up to your taste). From Yamaha ..... the Tour Custom Maple. From Pearl, the Session Studio Select. Tama would...
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    COVID 19 Nurses Perspective PLEASE READ

    Respect !!!! Stay safe !!!
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    Another quarantine project

    Sharp looking kit !!!
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    First Kit

    10, 12, 14 is very common .... especially with a 20" bass drum. Measuring the shell, is really what you're after, yes. But you can measure the the drum with the rims on it ..... you just have to know how to eyeball/guessimate it. I don't have a Yamaha catalog for your year kit to reference...
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    Is there such a thing as a bad Sabian?

    Like most brands .... price has a big determining factor. SBR and B8X are entry level. Certainly "better than nothing" ..... but I will always recommend buying better cymbals USED, than a new pack of beginner/entry level cymbals. From your "lower line" rating ..... I actually have XSR...
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    Export make-over!

    That looks way nicer !!!
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    First Kit

    And one with some deep history. While the Stage Custom dates to 1995, the 5000 series (Stage series) dates back to 1980. Catalog from 1980 here ....
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    Do you buy multiple sticks or more of the same pairs?

    My main go to is the Vater Fusion Nylon. Always have quite a few pairs on hand. And sometimes, I use the Vater Fusion Acorn ..... because it has a mallet on the end. Also in my stick bag, I usually have so sort of Pro-Mark nylon brushes, and Jstix 5A and 7A rods, and probably a pair of yarn...
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    Struggling with the floor tom

    I use all 600 and 700 series stands. Great stuff. A 700 will more than do the job.
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    Odd Premier kit

    My guess is a mid-late 70's Crown. I had a '75 Baron. 24" bass drum 18" floor (double headed) 13", 14", 15", 16" concert toms.
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    The basic guidelines are such .... "Newsom said the statewide order is consistent with the local orders. Places like grocery and convenience stores, delivery restaurants, gas stations, pharmacies, banks and laundromats will remain open. " Heck ..... that's most all the reasons I leave my crib...
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    Starting midnight ...... California statewide stay-at-home.
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    First Kit

    They are, yes. I'm pretty barbaric with my stands. They lay wherever they fit, in the vehicle. I used to carry all my hardware in a special lined sailcloth bag ..... but that weighed a ton and I was a younger man. Now, if I have to make a couple trips, I make a couple trips. And I have a...
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    First Kit

    You scored. Yes. Good buy. I really like Yamaha. Most all my hardware is Yamaha. I've had 3 Recording Custom kits over the years. Currently have a 9000 series (Pre-Recording Custom) kit in 18x14, 12x8, 16x16. And a Manu Katche Jr. kit ..... 16x16, 10x7, 13x12. Never owned a SC kit, but...
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    First Kit

    There's tons of love here, already, for the Yamaha SC's ..... Nice kit !!!