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    Drum Production

    In order to keep content rolling one of my bands made the decision to spend the winter bouncing tracks back and forth and going fully remote with our songwriting process. We were already pretty psychedelic to begin with, so we agreed to just "go for it" and make some really weird tones and song...
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    Bill Bruford's Yard Sale

    What a yard sale! I'd love to have some of that percussion stuff, and maybe one of those heavy bell rides. It's so strange to me that he reached a point and was like, "Welp, I'm done now" like Forrest Gump running across America. He told the Drummer's Resource podcast that he just felt like...
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    Fail or win?

    It's a slight fail, but you turned it into a win by treating it as a funny circumstance and moving on.
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    Fail or win?

    F me, Nate is such a badass drummer. That was amazing.
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    Final session before I sell the ol' Ludwigs

    Selling the ol' Frankensteined together Ludwig kit I've been gigging on for years to a friend of mine. Before he made the offer, I threw together a little demo video to help with the sale... which I ended up not using because he made the offer so fast. Despite the mic's set up, the audio is...
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    Doing my best to channel Levon Helm

    Your comments are all making me so damn happy ya'll. Being exposed to Levon was such a pivotal impact on my love for drums, and The Band has acted as a centerpiece around which most of my music taste and aesthetic has developed over the years. I remember being upstairs working on Geometry...
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    Doing my best to channel Levon Helm

    Thank you all very much! Been singing most of my life but haven't ever taken it out of the shower/car so it was a really cool experience.
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    Doing my best to channel Levon Helm

    Got to sing one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite bands on my birthday this year. Thought you all might enjoy it. The camera cut out briefly in case you're wondering why a line of the 2nd chorus is gone. The Band - "Ophelia" RIP Levon Helm
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    These drums sound great man...🔥🔥

    Kit sounds great! I like your ride a lot. Also good flow, I dug the time sig change.
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    Is it an innie or an outie?

    Found this crystal clear shot on Reverb. Is this the playing side or underside of this cymbal?
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    Best piece(s) of advice you've gotten from this forum?

    Cool thread. got my first kit back in 2003 (6th Grade) and me and my old man found DW while scouring the internet for drumming videos. I don't know when I discovered the forum section but it had to have been shortly thereafter. I've been a semi-active member since around then (have a couple of...
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    Hand Technique Thread

    I'm gonna edit to say "Who has your favorite hands in the business". Very loaded question. I'm going through a period of playing German after years of doing American grip with my hands fairly close and the sticks running more down the middle of my hands. It feels SO foreign to have my sticks...
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    Hand Technique Thread

    I've spent the last couple of years bouncing back and forth between different technique schools of thought and have reached a point where I'm absolutely dazzled by the broad range of approaches to employing motion on the drumstick. I've studied through a good portion of Bill Bachman's Hands...
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    My band's NPR Tiny Desk Contest submission (multi-shot/quarantine style)

    Wow, thank you Andy! I (we) appreciate your kind words. Disconnection of dynamic was a huge concern all the way through. We have until 9pm to play at our house each day and ran out of time with three good takes. We ended up sacrificing the ones that had more accurate playing for the one that we...
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    My band's NPR Tiny Desk Contest submission (multi-shot/quarantine style)

    It only took about 3 weeks of running recording gear to multiple members of the bands, teaching them how to use said gear via Zoom, teaching ourselves how to mix, and also doing our best to line up 8 musician's tracks and personal interpretations of feel on the song. I'm stoked how this turned...