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    Tell us how you don't use your snare wires

    I, too, turn my snares off when I'm not playing the drum. They buzz if someone else is playing, and can stretch out if they're not. There are lots of Tool songs and a few Porcupine Tree tunes that feature snares-off, and one of my band's tunes has a section where I build with the snares off...
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    Self Quarantine with the Gretsch!

    Another video with the same drums, but this time I've got my '79 LM402 in the basket. That's Pro Tools. The main rig is pretty complicated, but it's basically just a lot of cool mic pres hooked up to an RME Fireface 802, tracking at 48kHz. The DBX rack has a couple compressors and gates but...
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    The Mars Volta - Drunkship of Lanterns

    I'd asked my friends for songs they'd like to hear me play on a live stream, but I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to get anything in stereo without sacrificing a lamb and one of my computer's processors, so I scrapped that idea and just made a regular video. This was the first song...
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    What are you doing drumwise during the lockdown?

    I'm finally learning to play De-Loused in the Comatorium. That whole record is inflammable, and Jon Theodore's playing is impeccable. I'm also spending some time to really dial in the recorded tones with the Gretsch kit. Upgrades to my front end means I get to play around with new mic preamps...
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    What's your latest purchase?

    I guess I'm in upgrade mode... Starting from three weeks ago: got the 19" Paragon china just in the nick of time for the show for Neil, found a 20" HHX Complex Crash at the drum shop and took it home, picked up an AEA RPQ2 mic pre for use with my ribbon mics (and holy crap, it sounds so good...
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    Self Quarantine with the Gretsch!

    It’s self quarantine season so I’m spending a lot of time at home puttering around. After the Rush tribute efforts earlier this month I decided to set up a four piece of green Gretsch in the studio. Okay, they’re Caribbean Blue. And then I added a 10” tom, then the 13, then an 8...
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    Spring 2020 Used Gear Market Change?

    Thankfully I still have a paying job, but yeah I’m unloading a couple odds and ends that I’ve been meaning to sell for quite a while. I’m hanging on to the kits for now though. And now that I have time to take a closer look at my recording rig, that’s going to get some upgrades. I already...
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    Extension cable for headphones

    Pretty much all the cheapo headphone extension cables I've ever bought have died. Recently got some off Amazon that died in like four or five uses. Back to building my own with Canare cable...
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    Pearl Session Custom (Maple) vs Tama Starclassic (Birch)

    I'm a birch fan myself. Maple always strikes me as being slow to respond in comparison to a great birch kit. The Tamas also have the die-cast hoops, if you're into that thing. A bit firmer attack, and a tighter bottom end. If you're going for warm and round, the Sessions will get you there...
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    Does the cymbal stand make a difference in the cymbal's sound?

    I can't say I've noticed any difference in sound between my 9000 and 6000 stands.
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    Grip issue

    My hands don’t sweat either, and it’s frustrating when it seems like all the sticks on the market are a satin finish. Pro-Mark sticks literally don’t stay in my hands, Vic Firths are fine in the summer, but in the winter I need a rubber grip a gloss finish. And of course nobody makes the stick I...
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    What's your latest purchase?

    A week ago my dad decided he needed to buy me a real gong in order to meet some sort of airline miles credit card spending quota. So we ended up with a 38” Paiste Symphonic Gong. No he’s not a musician, but we did build the stand together! And wow, this thing is truly spectacular. Never heard...
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    More Rush - The Trees

    Thank you for the kind words, everyone! It’s a 14x12, and I have it on top of a 22” kick. Neil used a 15x12 on top of a 24, but I’m a good six inches shorter than him, so I have to make do. It’s also a lot easier to find a matching 14” BCAN than a 15. Looks the part, though, right? The...
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    More Rush - The Trees

    This video is from our first show of the couple we did last October; the venue did absolutely zero promotion, but we had a guaranteed amount of pay, so we set up the whole thing, played our asses off, and considered it a public rehearsal. About halfway through this one woman showed up, and...
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    The ride Joe Morello used on Take Five

    Man, I don't think those really sound similar at all. The new cymbal isn't anywhere as open and rich sounding as the original, and the new one is also a semitone higher in pitch or so. It's a bit like someone put a strip of tape on an Armand from ten years ago. My 20" Avedis sounds much closer...