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    Another quarantine project

    It looks quite good and fun to play. Peace and goodwill.
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    Is there such a thing as a bad Sabian?

    I love Sabian best and Paiste second. Both brands have been good for me. Peace and goodwill.
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    Do you buy multiple sticks or more of the same pairs?

    I nearly always but the same stick a 5A or 55A. Peace and goodwill.
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    Who are the top three drummers you admire and why ?

    Vinnie Colaiuta Gregg Bissonette Brian Blade I like these three because they can all play many different styles / genres of music. Peace and goodwill.
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    The fun sized demo!

    The drums sound very good. Enjoy! Peace and goodwill.
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    Sabian AAX Xplosion Crashes ?

    I love the AAX Xplosion Crashes. I have a 17" and a 19". To me those are the best. Peace and goodwill.
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    Stick Response of Single-Ply vs. Double-Ply Heads

    I have never noticed a difference. Drums sound very different from a few yards in front of the kit than sitting behind it. Drums tuned real low have very little tone out in front. Peace and goodwill.
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    Need advice on bar gig miking, 2 channels only

    As others have said, I would mic the bass drum and put one overhead. I have done that many times. Peace and goodwill.
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    Cymbals mounted on tom stands?

    I have mounted toms from cymbal stands and mounted cymbals from tom stands. I ended up adding a tom holder to my bass drums so that I could put the tom in the same place every time without all the issues of a stand. Peace and goodwill.
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    Worship drummer - variety?

    Check out For All Seasons on Youtube. Peace and goodwill.
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    Your next planned purchase

    At this point all I plan to buy is sticks and heads. Peace and goodwill.
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    Small Crashes Anyone?

    I must fess up. I took the 15" and 17" crashes to church because of the low volume at which we play. I now have 17' and 19" AAX X-plosion Crashes. Peace and goodwill.
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    Real wood veneers, or engineered?

    I care about how the drums sound. I care about how they look. I care about how well the drums last (durability). How they are described does not matter to me at all. Peace and goodwill.
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    Show us your Four Piece Kits.

    Here my new setup of my only kit. Peace and goodwill
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    Looking for recommendations for lightweight cymbal stands.

    I like the Gibraltar 4700 series. I have two of the boom stands, and they are light weight and sturdy. Peace and goodwill.