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    I'd like to hear about your accomplishments and/or things you are proud of

    13 years ago I wanted to create a darkwave album of music I would enjoy. I knew it would be very niche and not sell much, but I wanted to do it for me. I met a singer and made it happen. 6 years ago I vowed that was the last time I was getting laid off, and started my own business from...
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    Is this Possible? (Hi hat stand modification)

    Very possible. I used to so the same thing. I didn't even remove the legs from my hi hat stand, I just folded them up.
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    What's a piece of drum gear that you like the IDEA of having it, but you have reservations or simply no use for it?

    For me, it's easily specialty cymbals. I love bells, stacks, chinas, pangs, and any other non standard cymbal. I'd love to have tons of each of them. But outside of having one main china, I don't really need or use the few specialty cymbals I have, and I certainly don't need more of them...
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    Learning Songs as the New Drummer

    Yeah, but the OP's question is not about being a hired a gun. It's about joining an original band as a band member. Being a hired gun is being an employee. Of course, you do what you're told cause you're getting a regular paycheck for it. Being a band member is being a partner, and you may...
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    Better to be diverse or specialize?

    This is an interesting topic, and there is no right or wrong answer. There was a time when I would have certainly said "diverse" was the most correct answer. And certain, diverse helps greatly if you want to be gigging every weekend and take every gig. And I certainly admire those who can play...
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    Learning Songs as the New Drummer

    This. The context isn't cover bands, but an original band. And it can get weird in original bands. I've met some brilliant songwriters who didn't know the difference between a whole note and an eight note. Heck, some famous songwriters really don't know much about music, but they can hear...
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    Which kit to keep?

    I don't understand the question. I have two kits. I don't need both. But I am not selling either one!
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    I've played my share of dive bars. It wasn't my favorite thing to do.
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    Learning Songs as the New Drummer

    I do agree that style has something to do with it. And also if the band already has professional recordings out or just some demo's. The hard part is knowing what the band/artist wants. Some bands want a note-for-note replication, and other bands are looking for someone to change stuff up...
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    RIP Jamie Oldaker

    I met him briefly at NAMM once, somewhat randomly. We just started talking walking down a hallway, and I didn't realize who he was at first. He seemed like a nice guy. Of course, his playing career goes without question. RIP
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    Billy Joel Drummer Liberty DeVitto on His New Memoir, Making Peace with His Old Boss

    I'll have to check out the book. I'm not a huge fan, but I'm always interested in behind the scenes stuff of the music business.
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    Why is “White Marine Pearl” so popular?

    Krupa was particularly involved in the early days of establishing the standards of what Slingerland offered as drum sets. Belson was very involved in drum configuration design. Rich was so popular for a time he briefly has his own TV show. If any of them wanted a different color, drum...
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    Jeremy Spencer is selling his Five Finger Death Punch kit...$25,000

    Which might explain why Jeremy had back issues so bad he had to stop playing drums in the band.
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    Why is “White Marine Pearl” so popular?

    Nailed it. And white or black kits in general pretty much go with any situation. Jazz, rock, metal, etc, no one's going to bat an eye in any situation with a white or black kit.
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    Yet another left-handed right-footed post/thread

    I'm right-handed, but I've been slowly teaching myself open-handed playing. I injured my right side neck/shoulder area some time back, and while it's mostly better, playing open-handed reduces the pressure on my right side. It's really just about putting in the time. But there are no rules...