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    Anyone Here ever have to fill out an NDA before working on someone’s project

    My thought too. This says far more about his lack of confidence than it does about OP. When I used to work in music retail, people would come in with their "invention" and want an NDA to show it to us, while trying to sell us on the their idea. Every time it was an incredibly non-original...
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    Journey's new drummer is......

    There is a whole thread on that here:
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    Journey's new drummer is......

    Omar only played a small handful of shows in 2015 after Deen Castronovo got arrested (and then fired) for his domestic/drug problems. The band had commitments they had to fill, and Omar came in on a last-minute basis The band officially replaced Deen with bringing back Steve Smith.
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    Journey's new drummer is......

    Interesting in that Steve Smith considered Naarda a major influence. The one time I saw Narada in person behind the drums was a drum duo show with Steve Smith. Narada is an incredible drummer. Though he's mostly known for pop-drivel, he replaced Billy Cobham, in the Mahavishnu Orchestra,. I...
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    Reverse Order of Mounted Toms?

    I have experimented with it several times. And to an extent, it makes much more sense and a lot of figures/concepts are easier. If you're right-handed, and you start a fill with your right hand, it just makes so much more sense to have the 1st tom on the right side. And if you're going to...
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    Ludwig Likes Big and Crazy

    Another person who has confused rare with valuable. And I would say the drums themselves aren't rare. The only rare aspect is the mounting hardware, which doesn't mean much because a potential buyer for the drums may want to mount them in a different manner. I have seen many ads over the...
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    The Neverending Quest to the Perfect Setup

    I don't think there will be, or should be, a perfect set up. Guitarists don't ever have a perfect set up. They change guitars, often from song to song. Often for reasons, no one else can hear. Every musical situation, sometimes each individual song, has different needs.
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    Plastic hardware?

    Bingo. Sonar attempted aluminum stands in the late 80's. The boom stands were so light, they would fall over just by placing a cymbal on them. The straight stands were ok as long as no one hit the cymbal too hard. The snare stands were so light, the snare drum would jump around with normal...
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    Plastic hardware?

    A few manufacturers have tried lightweight aluminum hardware before. The problem is they fall over too easily. Sure, we all hate carrying heavy stands. But when you hit a drum or cymbal, even with proper technique, it creates quite a bit of force, and without some weight, the stands go right...
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    New Interview

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    Any problems with stacking drums?

    No, not really. The impact of a stick, while in tiny area, is great in pressure, The weight of the drums is minimal pressure. Think about this: When you hit a drum with a stick, you create so much pressure and air movement, the bottom head resonates, the shell resonates, and it creates...
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    Article - Tommy Lee returns to DW Drums

    As for his playing, though I was never a big MC fan, I do think Tommy had a swagger about this playing that other drummers of his are didn't have. It may not have been apparent on every song (and in fact, it's not), but it was there on songs like Livewire and Dr. Feelgood.
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    Drummers you hope to see perform live

    I never saw and will never see: Gene Krupa Zutty Singleton Keith Moon Have never seen: Mick Fleetwood - I've never seen Fleetwood Mac live, and given all the line up mess, I don't think I ever will. Jojo Mayer - While I've met him, I've never seen him in concert with his band. Kent Diimmel...
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    Article - Tommy Lee returns to DW Drums

    The funny thing is he left Pearl to play DW, then left DW to go back to Pearl, and is now leaving Pearl to go back to DW. Which means next he returns to Sonar.
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    Any problems with stacking drums?

    No. The weight on the lugs and drumheads on the bottom of the stack in pounds per square inch of the head is nothing compared to the pounds per square inch of hitting the head with a bass drum beater or a drum stick. Try this: Rest several drums on your lap. Relatively easy. Next, set the...