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    Minimum age for starting drum lessons

    My dad is a drum teacher and private tutor, so I often meet parents who send their 2-3 year olds to private music schools to learn drums. He is always telling them a story about a boy who played drums like a devil when he was only 4. This story is about Julian Pavone, the youngest professional...
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    London Music School

    Other drum courses: BIMM Institute Elephant Drums ICMP Drum courses A friend of mine is moving to London to work part time and make music. He's considering an option to work as a drum teacher at London Music School, but he's not sure about the certification and diploma equivalencies. So I can't...
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    Starting to teach, looking for tips/resources

    My dad is a music teacher at school, but I've never asked him to teach me: it seems really weird and I don't know how we could possibly organize our classes. He's teaching night classes in a private school, so at day time he's preparing some classroom activities for kids and the stuff. As for...
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    Going to music school for percussion performance vs strictly drum set performance

    Weird, but just last month I got an ad from Berklee about their guitar course online. And then, 2 weeks later, I receive an email invitation to join the private drum set lessons by Terrell Hines, Berklee College of Music student - the rate for online lessons is $80/h. Seems Berklee likes my...
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    Berklee guitar degree

    I saw an ad by Berklee too > Private Guitar Lessons | Guitar Courses, Certificates or Degrees. I think I might give it a try as well, in summer perhaps. Hopefully, I have recommendation letters from Leonardo Guitar Research Project and I will also need to repare a recorded audition and do my...
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    College to study drum set and something else

    Any experience with The Drummer's Collective classes in NY, btw?
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    College to study drum set and something else

    Has anyone tried the College Drum Classes at MI College of Contemporary Music? My goal is to major in instrumental performance. I think I could also try some courses with contemporary music emphasis and drum set centered studies. I also found good reviews about Drumtech, but it's in London, and...
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    Eddie Hoh (Fast Eddie Hoh)

    Btw, they never mentioned the reason of his death, just "undisclosed causes". It's been confirmed that he died in a "nursning house." Here's an interview with Chip Douglas confirming that the recording where Eddie Hoh played drums on "Christmas Is My Time Of Year" is authentic...
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    DFO hacked again

    Hi, Windows 10 has indeed a good one - Windows Defender, but it made me crazy with its warning messages and blocking all downloads. When I switched to Mac, it's ok now. I use Malwarebytes antivirus now.