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    Old man yells at cloud

    I don't hate it, I wouldn't use it for everything but certain applications might call for that dry trashy sound.
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    I owe the IRS for 2018..

    There are a lot of legal firms that focus entirely on tax issues and the IRS notices. It wouldn't hurt to give them a call and see if they think you have any options. I'm not sure how pricing works, but they know all the tricks.
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    Sticking the beater

    I sometimes do and sometimes don't, it depends what I want it to sound like at that moment. Since I don't muffle the heck out of it or make it sound like a click or anything both the intensity and technique make a sound difference.
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    “Playing with albums is the only thing you ever need to practice”

    This covers a lot of what I was going to say, but I also like to point out that there's a weird sense of things sounding better than they actually are when you're rocking away with your favorite band and drummer in your ear. At one point I started recording the room so I could listen back to my...
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    RIP DH Peligro

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    Can "feel" be taught or does it more likely come from within?

    Feel is individual in my experience and at best you can learn or be taught the components of someone else's feel and get it mostly down. It's a lot like talking. We don't try to do it and we're all speaking the same language, but all you need to do is hear a part of a sentence from someone you...
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    How many Crashes?

    For me, the more crap and options I have available, the more my head is pulled away from the music happening around me and my automatic responses and listening... I start wondering about combinations of crash sounds, if I'm using the right one for the transition, what the upcoming fill might...
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    A Classical Musician's first hearing of a drum solo...

    this seems like a strong reaction
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    Your favorite drumshop.

    DUB's Drum Basement in Dublin, CA - Near SF. I basically try to buy everything from them because good people who cater to drummers are rare and deserve support if I like the service!
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    A dose of Huey Lewis - weird festival setup

    Damn I need to get back into the swing as I'm jealous. That crowd is amazing; nice gig!
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    Furniture improv

    Pet peeve of mine. There should always be a rug in the drum space of all venues. I hate hauling them around and it's needed for every kit.
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    Your last meal and drum.

    4 fried chickens, a coke, and my beloved stolen black beauty to play one last time.
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    I'm an idiot and feel bad

    Another way to look at it is that both sides learned something and gained a little bit of brain-add in the form of taking a step back for you; because playing with musicians at a lower stage of learning will also force you to change your style a bit and defer to them in a few ways which is a...
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    Most drummers would agree it’s important to have a solid foundation in good drumming technique. But what is that foundation, and how do you get it?

    The term "foundation" implies we're setting up a point from which to expand. In the most basic sense and the way I think of it, this applies mostly what we would call "technique"; without these foundational techniques to apply our ideas and ability with executions would be lacking. For some...
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    Perfect Circle “the noose”

    Interesting I never heard that as anything but a slow kind half time empty 4. Weird how music can come across different and that changes as we learn. Also that song and specifically drum track are really good. Such emotive drumming.