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    Can y'all tell me what you like and don't like about my playing? (Constructive criticism) :) Any tips for improving would be greatly appreciated!

    My only comment is to take some of the laundry out of the bass drum LOL. It sounds a little cardboardy... Though it could be partly the mic not picking up everything. Also mirror the suggestion above, try playing to a drumless track to give context so we can see how you handle changes and how...
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    Been a long time since I've posted something

    Interesting sort of a punk vibe but your playing is sort of metal-y while fitting just fine. I dig!
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    My attempt on doing a drum solo...

    Dunno if you even wanted any feedback, but you should work on relaxing your body when you play. There's a lot of obvious tension and your arms are held out at an awkward angle that takes energy to maintain... It seems weird, but tension like that will literally make your playing sound more...
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    My attempt on doing a drum solo...

    played so hot the drums melted!
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    Quiet gigs but with a good feel - which 'stick'?

    Right, because it reduces the velocity you gain from swinging the full extension. Same goes for playing with low stick heights over the drums.
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    Quiet gigs but with a good feel - which 'stick'?

    When I had that same kind of feeling about losing the song's spirit playing with lighter sticks, I'd modify some of the bundle-sticks such as hot-rods or similar. If you tape the exposed parts of the stick together at the shoulder and top, but not the tip itself *leave about a half inch", it...
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    Ever settled on a piece of gear because it was at a mom-and-pop shop?

    I will only shop at Dub's Drum Basement in Dublin, CA. They do such a great job and I'm so happy to have real drummers supporting other drummers and providing good gear that I wouldn't think of going outside their help unless I was for some reason absolutely forced because I need something they...
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    What is the opposite of GAS?

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    The Only Covers I Want To Play Are....

    As I mature, I think my attitude towards things like this is apparently maturing with me. What's important at the end of the day is those musical connections between myself and the band, and then from the band to the audience. People like to hear what they know it's just a fact, and songs...
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    Fancy Restaurants vs. Greasy Spoons?

    There's a relatively new category of dining around here that's almost as expensive as "real" fine dining, and there's a lot of differences between those categories. There's no white table cloths, the servers are in street clothes and treat you quite casually, it's a large open space that tends...
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    Bad Dream?

    That's kinda odd! I wouldn't be a fan of a dead spot that's hard to keep track of, I'd mark it somehow with a pen or something.
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    Make drumming fun again

    This is the third motivation problem thread I'm responding to today... Is something in the water? Jam night! Recording gear! Join a covers band! Take some lessons! Learn a new style! Motivation is a funny thing and it's different for everyone. I hope you get your groove back!
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    Dying spark

    I didn't think it would ever happen to me. Then all my stuff got stolen during the height of the pandemic when we couldn't play any gigs and most bands weren't even practicing. It was a sort of music depression I guess and motivating myself was a challenge... I'm just now starting to get back...
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    My internal motivation is gone

    What's your original motivation to record covers? For me that would get old reeeaaaaallly fast. I can't get motivated to copy and paste, but I can get motivated to learn a skill that's required to do something, for me it's usually something I want to play in a song for one of the bands I'm...