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    Help on a situation

    So the thing is, 3 months isn't really a lot of time for a new player to really get the hang of the fundamentals. At around 10 months or a year I start to see dedicated students start to get a little bit of flexibility in what they do at the kit, but ultimately, for most people it takes years...
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    Disappointing Day

    It could have been something totally unrelated to your playing. Perhaps a band member tripped and gripped the edge of the cymbal accidentally, it was stacked with something on top of it, that small fall from standing height that happened a while back... Could be anything. I'd probably suspect...
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    One up and One down trend ?

    That's a very limited way of looking at "fills" and time in general. Try to open up your patterns and focus on being able to do any "fill" on any part of the drum kit. You do not want to paint yourself into a corner of only being comfortable with one way. I find it's extremely helpful to get...
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    How to notate hitting a drum with two sticks at the same time (NOT a flam)?

    The point of my post is that we can make all sorts of different noises and variations just by the way or where we hit a drum. I feel like it doesn't make sense really to worry about all the different sounds and that's why almost nobody bothers to notate stuff like that; you focus on the rhythms...
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    What exactly is a "Buttery" sound?

    If you listen closely to this image, you'll hear a slight buttery sound.
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    Thrones for a big guy--6'6" 300 lbs

    Haven't looked back since getting my pork pie. Super stable, solid and comfortable for hours on end. There are a lot of thrones I've experienced where it was really nice at first but after an hour or two you notice aches. Not the case with my memory foam PP. I'm a normal size guy I guess for...
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    How to notate hitting a drum with two sticks at the same time (NOT a flam)?

    Okay that's an interesting example, but there's no way to be that specific with notation. I'd also say the same problem holds true for things like hitting both the rim and head simultaneously, and take it a step further to say that every little aspect of how or where we hit a drum ultimately...
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    How to notate hitting a drum with two sticks at the same time (NOT a flam)?

    On different drums that's easy of course. On the same drum, when it's not a flam, I struggle to see why it would be so important for two hits at the literal same time on the same drum. I'd probably just notate that it's an accented note and let the player figure out how to accent it. I think...
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    Help a new drummer decide on cymbals plz!

    The sweet ride is a love or hate kinda thing. I'd check it out in person. Easy to find is the good news.
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    Your least played snare(s)

    I think mine is similar. Superstar Custom all birch; love the kit, hate the snare.
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    The Mars Volta - Drunkship of Lanterns

    I guess if you like snare rolling, that's a pretty dang good song for anyone to learn! Nice playing! Somehow I don't recall seeing your stuff before, thanks for posting!
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    Long lasting changes because of the Coronavirus

    Yea, we are a actually a decently smart species when we want to be and it directly benefits us. Almost all of the animals we eat on the regular in today's society are literally bred and genetically created to be ideal food animals. Same actually goes for the majority of major grains we like...
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    It's All in the Wrists, Bonham Fans!

    I don't get it at all. I like both guys a lot, but I think both would be very ill suited to playing in the style of the other with any authenticity. Putting the right notes in the right places and playing all the parts, sure, Dave could do it. Would he sound like John, though? Not a chance...
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    Your least played snare(s)

    I don't use any of em except the one I wouldn't have if it wasn't for your huge awesome gesture Larry. I mean it every time I say it, that is still one of the best things to ever happen to me. It has a great home and has even been featured on some recordings I've done since. The one I use the...
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    Lollipop Graveyard

    I see your kids already know that wearing pants with pleats on the front will result in the dreaded "front butt". That's a very advanced concept. I only picked it up at like 26.