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    Why does my 1990s Yamaha Recording Custom 8x8 YESS tom have a 1980s serial #?

    With this drum, the badges and YESS mount are the dead giveaway that this is a late 90's drum. An 80's drum would have the mount bolted flush to the shell and a hole going all the way through the shell. Plus, the vent would be in one badge and the other badge would have a cutout for the vent...
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    Why does my 1990s Yamaha Recording Custom 8x8 YESS tom have a 1980s serial #?

    I've had Tour Customs, Recording Customs, MCA, BCA and RTC sets and lots of snares from the mid-80's through mid-2000's and I have found that the Yamaha serial number code works for dating all of those lines.
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    Why does my 1990s Yamaha Recording Custom 8x8 YESS tom have a 1980s serial #?

    Just because it has a 2 letter prefix serial number doesn't mean it's from the 80's. I have Absolute toms from '01 with a 2 digit prefix. You have to take it in the context of when the models were made, the features, the badges, etc. For your drum, "N" is the year, so that would be '97, which...
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    I don’t know which one I like better!

    Nice find! I have the double chain version of this pedal. The bent plate is nice if your playing on an uneven floor or over a transition between carpet and floor or a seam between two pieces of a riser. The pedal will always rest on the spot under the heel plate and not on a high spot somewhere...
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    What's your latest purchase?

    I have a set of these with the long, high-tension lugs. They are 6ply, 7.5mm thick 100% birch shells. Mine are Sequoia Red with clear lacquer inside. They are loud drums and project well. They are on the heavy side with the long lugs and thick shells but they are very well built and sturdy.
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    Cymbal Set Ups-do you go High/Low or Low/High?

    I set mine up Low/High, as well. I'm right handed and use 2 crashes. My main is a 17" and that would go on my left to right of the HH and the left of the rack tom. I want both hands to have the best access to that one for rolls and chokes. My 16" secondary crash is to the right of the ride and...
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    Show off your Yamahas!

    Cool man, I'm fairly new myself. Sweet kits! Tour Customs have always been one of my favorite lines (had a black set back in the day) and I love the 1 up, 2 down black Club Customs. Thanks for posting!
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    Show off your Yamahas!

    I see you had a "Hold my beer..." moment while reading this thread. Awesome collection man! Those RC's...🤤
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    Looking at the future...

    Yes, one of my bands has lost almost all shows due to venues closing, sadly permanently, and the remaining places canceling us and going with smaller solo, duo or trio acts. No bookings for that group until November. Another group I played in has folded because we had a few bookings, one this...
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    What ultimately made you decide on the brand of drums you play?

    Yamaha is well known for making quality, professional-grade products and great sounding instruments and they are my favorite drums for many reasons. My first set was a Yamaha Power Road in '87. Entry-level, but still could be made to sound good. I marched in H.S. and a couple of years in college...
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    Show off your Yamahas!

    A random thought popped into my brain last weekend. "Build a set around your favorite snare." Well, my fav is still my black Yamaha SD-098, 14x8 Recording Custom but I have no need for any other sets so I really didn't give it another thought. A few days later, I went to a local store for heads...
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    Traditional Grip v Matched Grip

    I play most everything traditional these days. I started off playing matched and went to tradish in high school for drum line and I just like the feel of the mechanics of the motion. It was strange at first but then something clicked and it just made sense and felt right. The only time I play...
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    Vinnie or Jeff?

    Based on the intro feel, the strong locking bass drum on the chorus groove and the fill @ 3:30, I'd wager "Lady on the Phone" was played by Vinnie.
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    Evans UV2 Heads......serious game changer.

    I put UV1 heads on the BCA kit at church over a year ago and I'm just starting to wear through the coating on the 12" tom. They project and they have lots of attack but still with a smooth roundness and sustain. I put UV1s on my MCA kit with the same results. They seem to have more presence than...
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    Neil Peart's Ludwigs

    He was still using the dual 24's at that time, too. My first Rush concert was Presto in 1990 and this was the kit. I'll never forget how awesome it was to finally see Rush live for the first time!