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    Is it okay if my snare wires are leaving little indents on my bottom snare head?

    I do keep my bottom heads somewhat tight. Is it okay for my snare wires to be slightly digging in?
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    Share Your Supra!

    Let’s see ‘em! Here’s my ‘78 LM400. Cheers Supra gang
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    How To Wipe Off Fingerprints?

    This may come as a really dumb question, but how do you guys wipe off finger prints from your drum shells without doing a full tear-down/deep cleanse? Is a microfiber clothe okay? I have a Supra that is currently covered in finger prints & want that bad boy wiped off!
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    show off your snare

    Found myself a bronze LM305! Tuned high & sounds wonderful :)
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    What's your latest purchase?

    Thanks! Happened wayyy sooner than I expected. Super lucky!
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    show off your snare

    ‘78 Supra (5” x 14”) SJC Black nickel over Brass (6.5” x 14”)
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    What's your latest purchase?

    Arrived today! I was lucky enough to find this Ludwig bronze LM305 beauty, fresh off the shelf & untouched! These were discontinued by Ludwig years ago and are pretty rare to find in the drum market. It’s welded as opposed to being seamless, but it is deceptively heavy despite the thin shell. Score!
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    What is your “old relable” snare drum ?

    Most reliable & versatile drum I own? This heavy behemoth right here! SJC Black nickel over Brass (6.5” x 14”)
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    On a Quest for Ludwig Rocker Brass/Bronze

    I know they aren’t the “highest” end snare drums, but I am still in search of Ludwig Rocker series brass and/or bronze snare drums (LM303-306). Does anyone know how often these come on eBay/Reverb or if there is anyone who would sell one? Cheers!
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    Best Snare Wires for LM400?

    Recently acquired an LM400 that came with the original snare wires from 1978, but I’m looking to eventually replace them. What would you guys suggest? Is 30-strand too much for a 5” drum?
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    Best Evans heads for LM400?

    Recently got my hands on a ‘78 LM400! I use exclusively Evans heads on all my drums due to personal preference. What’s the best head combo (batter & reso) for the 5” Supra?
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    What size Supraphonic should I purchase?

    Alright Ludwig experts I need your help and I can’t make a decision! I play mostly rock music. I need help/opinions on whether I should buy the 5” or the 6.5” model. Thanks!