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    Presence of mind when playing

    I find that I learn songs more quickly by sitting down with a pen and paper and writing out a chart than I do by listening/playing along to it.
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    What's your latest purchase?

    Roland TD-27 showing up today. :)
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    Are you still happy?

    Abundant wealth won’t create happiness, but poverty can certainly cause depression and other illnesses.
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    Overhead mics

    I have a set of shure ksm 137’s that I’m very happy with.
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    Are bop kits worth it?

    Are they a set of drums? If yes, then they are worth it.
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    Best Double Bass Drum Pedal

    While I might agree about the lacking harmony and melody, would you perhaps concede that meshuggah is quite rhythmically advanced beyond the 70’s metal that you seem most impressed with?
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    Best Double Bass Drum Pedal

    I hate not knowing if he found the best pedal or not.
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    Seating in front of a kit for the 1st time (Alesis Nitro Mesh), total beginner question

    I don’t know much about ekits, but I can tell you that your fans are the ones in front of your drum set. You’re actually “behind” it. :)
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    I can't find my post

    I can’t seem to reply to this post. Is the internet down?
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    DW 5000 Single Chain - Is it just me? (Long)

    That pedal is high on my radar. A shame there’s no way to really try one out without throwing down $. Been waiting to find a used one. I enjoyed my 5000’s 15 years ago. Didn’t play for a decade, got new ones (turbo and double chain on old and new) and I just can’t get the new ones to feel...
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    Do all guitarists think Black Dog by LZ is random magical timing?

    I enjoy the quote that is something along the lines of success in music is usually about copying and not being caught. There’s some truth to that I feel.
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    Zildjian 14" A Thin Crash Rant

    With bell shapes being different on each model I imagine it’s a different set of tooling for each cymbal with occasional overlap.
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    Zildjian 14" A Thin Crash Rant

    To answer “why” I would guess that the cost of producing the cymbal was greater than, or near to equal the income from sales. There are lots of wonderful cymbals out there. You’ll find a sound you like.
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    Head recommendations-Mapex Saturn exotic studio ease

    To best highlight the tone I find it’s nice to tune the bottom head to the pitch of the shell. Most people will probably like the top head tuned slightly lower than the resonant head to achieve a fat tone without a lot of overtones, but it’s okay to tune to taste on the top one. But reso tuned...
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    Do all guitarists think Black Dog by LZ is random magical timing?

    I’m fairly certain all the vocal only sections are 4/4+5/4 on the studio album. But I guess that’s only if you count the parts out of the chorus as 5/8 or 3/8 depending on which one. But that count feels best to me as it makes sense to always start the vocal phrase on 1.