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    Better to be diverse or specialize?

    I think most drummers can play across stylistically-historically linked back beat music (e.g. Funk to Soul, Blues, Rock ) so my answer to the OP is limited-all or broad-niche, which amount to the same thing. Playing just one type of niche music is a very bad idea in the long run because your...
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    Free-Floating Shell Replacements (Bronze, Brass, etc.)

    Back in the late 80s when I used a pearl free floater I had a birch shell made by Richmo drums (UK), I had the bottom bearing edge cut fully rounded and broad so that it seated into the free floating frame. I drilled one air vent hole and then just hand applied some furniture polish. Nice drum...
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    Hard Rock Cymbals

    For heavy rock or indeed any loud sonically dense music I use Zildjian A custom projection crashes 17 and 18, 14” A Zildjian mastersound hi hats and a modified 21 UFIP ride.
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    Keeping Time with your left foot. Why?

    Because it lets your fellow musicians know where the time pulse is, but is subtle and neutral sounding enough not to draw too much attention. This also gives more freedom to play more interesting rhythmic phrases on the other parts of the kit.
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    The kit that got away

    To the OP there are two up for sale in UK, but....they are advertised at more than £4000 GBP ouchhh.
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    Things you've not learned to do

    I learned not rely on hearing the singer or guitarist particularly well at gigs. A good monitor mix is a luxury not necessity. I learned not to stop playing, even when the powers blown, the singers dissolved etc.....the drummer can keep the ship afloat whilst others are floundering. I learned...
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    I got them!

    Bo, come on you are not seeing the band end game; now you will have the energy to help the bass player cart their massively heavy cab up two flights of stairs, have ample strength remaining to shift the PA and even a spare hand for the guitarists massively over the top FX board. Sometimes...
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    Want your input on steel snare drums.....

    Go the whole way, and get a Keplinger/Ayotte Stainless Steel snare in either 13 or 14 diameter, from my seat these are great sounding steel snare drums that are very exciting and therefore fun to play. Very simple design that somehow over delivers sonically. These are my goto snares for guitar...
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    Would you play gigs with it ?

    Yeah I think you are probably correct, most with the funds to own a ultra high end kit have two or more. lets face it this is a really nice problem to have.
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    Would you play gigs with it ?

    I mostly gig with a Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute Noveau with cherry red finish (see pic to left), bought 2nd hand but you could never tell. Similarly, cymbals are all 2nd hand Bosphorus. A good kit but not ultra high end way cheaper than a new SQ2 with a fancy finish.
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    Would you play gigs with it ?

    This is why ultra high end kits with fancy finishes are actually limiting in terms of practicality. You either have to accept it is going to get dinged-up a little or keep at home /one off special gigs/recoding only. I am of the view that good drums should be taken out and played, sound and...
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    No confetti cannons!

    I once had an idiot drummer dribble and spray fake blood mixed with silver glitter all over my kit (A kit share gig and my band were supplying kit and amps). Luckily we were in control of the door money, they didn’t get paid. Many venues are disgusting inside after clean-up !
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    Kits you owned that disappointed you

    Never been disappointed in any of my kits (Hayman, Premier Genista, currently Noonan stave, Yamaha MCAN) but was very disappointed in a single drum, Ludwig LM 400 snare, sold on.
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    DW 9000 pedal struggle!!

    I own a use a DW 9000 , It has a slightly heavier feel than say a DW 5000 due it’s double chain drive, this translates the energy from your foot into volume. I like a naturally loud bass drum and the DW 9000 helps in this respect. When I need speed or less resistance I use an Axis longboard...
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    The importance of shell sustain real world applications?

    This thread is over intellectualising something that is pretty intuitive but I shall respond nonetheless. If you have too much tom or kick sustain it’s easy enough to decrease it at source with dampening of the heads, different rims, closing the air hole and so on and so on. However, you...