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    Bosphorus Hi Hats

    The Bosphorus Groove hats (I own 14” and 15” versions) are great all round hats, they sit somewhere between bright n dark. The New Orleans series are definitely the quieter of the two series, they are pretty thin and very responsive, ideal for playing small pubs/clubs when you want to play...
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    Cracked Stave Shell

    Hi Brady Drums, Thanks, I am not in the USA but the UK, I guess I could ship it over to the USA. Thanks for the advice.
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    PDP Concept Maple vs. DW Design Series

    I have no experience of either brand/kit but one thing to consider is how the drums actually respond to your playing with your sticks. The direct comparison videos posted by stores like DCP are useful in this respect ( not sure they are PDP /DW dealers ) in that you can hear different drum...
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    Steel snare drum question

    I am just going to say if we’re mentioning high end steel snares then the 90s king of them all is the Ayotte Keplinger. A stainless steel that cuts, has great sensitivity and unlike many steel snares has pleasing overtones.
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    What for?

    Ohhhh it’s obvious, its one of those brand xyz snare toilet bags.Take on all the liquids you like and unload with confidence mid song. Actually sounds like the singer gargled with last nights snare bag. It’s good for the toady vocals.....
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    Cracked Stave Shell

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    Cracked Stave Shell

    Anyone have any experience in fixing a partially split mid stave shell. Bit distraught, decided to give my Brady Stave 14 x 7 snare (Jarrah) the once over, as I do every month or so and discovered a nasty crack emanating from snare side. Don’t get me wrong this isn’t a complaint about Brady...
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    I Followed Bo's Advice...

    Not that I am single headed myself but.... one of my biggest drumming influences (Steve Jansen) could work a muffled concert tom set up to really say something
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    Proposed Trade Renown for Genista. Yay or Nay

    Thats not really my experience, some Premier lines were excellent (Resonator, Genista, Signia as well as the project one snare drums) but some weren’t that great. I still have recurring nightmares about an Olympic series kit that use to disintegrate on me mid gig (I got tired of endless repairs...
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    What drumming advice would you give to a younger you?

    Thank the caretaker who lets you practice every weekend for 3yrs straight. Don’t get into a dalliance with the beautiful keyboard player, its going to end badly. Stop being so zealous about the band, if a member wants a side project let it go, members can leave and come back. A four or five...
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    Stanton Moore now with Zildjian

    My most frequently used cymbals are a set of the original SM by Bosphorus, 15 hats, 18 crash, 22 ride, 20 trash and sometimes the 20 pang. Sort of fall between old worn in A Zildjians and some of the drier non lathed cymbals. interesting to see how the collaboration develops.
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    Neil Peart, Dead at 67

    Very sad news, I remember the impact of Neil Pearts playing on me to this day. It was 1984 and I was 14 years old listening and navigating a mixture of late UK punk and new wave drumming (the Clash meets Japan). Then a friend played Spirit of Radio at full blast through his dads new HiFi...
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    What do live sound guys REALLY want (primarily from toms)?

    The resident in house sound person will have their preferences/ biases but will also know the room and therefore frequencies that cause issues once a crowd is in the room. Maybe it’s me but everything changes once the audience is in place often the piercing high frequencies present at sound...
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    Very First Kits

    My first kit was a secondhand four piece Hayman vibrasonic in gold wrap with a 18“ crash ride and a set of super zyn hi hats. Saved up all my paper round money. Decent sound (I think they were 20, 12, 16 and a no brand snare I have photos somewhere in the attic). However, the tom mount...
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    Professional Habits that Should be a Part of Every Amateur/Semi-Pro Band

    I think any really good band (whether pro, semi-pro or accomplished amateur) can deliver a outstanding musical performance under less than ideal situation. In other words even on a bad night everything is good (the mean average is set high). Conversley a weak band can only deliver when...