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    Does this bass drum make me look small?

    I dig how it looks!
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    There are cannon kicks, then there's this!

    That looks absurd, but I am curious how it sounds.
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    Put your weird tendencies here

    I constantly check the tightness of the wing nut on my clutch between songs. It has never loosened, not once. :) Maybe it's because I check it so much! haha!
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    Felt Beater *caution*

    Hello everyone, Recently, my old felt beater finally wore out past the point of being useful. So I went to Guitar Center and bought an off the shelf felt beater from GC's 'store brand' Sound Percussion. I was in a hurry to get to the bar for a show that I know I should have prepared for in...
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    Playing with my band Rat Soup

    Hey everyone, Check out my band Rat Soup playing our tune "Gitnick Compromise" at a local bar in Newport Beach, CA. Tell me what you think, all feedback welcome. Woo!
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    Wood or Metal

    Hello folks. I'm wondering if your "go to" snare is wood or metal. Why do you prefer that one? By "go to", I mean the drum you grab first on gig day.