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    YOU can help me win the Surface Pro 3!! (And yes, I will use it for drum stuff!)

    Hi guys! I have just returned from a press event in Brussels. Microsoft had an introductory event of the Surface Pro 3 in Belgium, and press was invited. I am lucky enough to be press ( so I could attend the event (which allowed me to briefly test the device, drink wine and...
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    Looking for feedback before posting a video (Dream Theater)

    Hello I am looking to post a drum cover of DT's Hell's Kitchen, but before I am going to do that I am looking for some feedback on my overall playing of the song. I found a drumless version, so all the drumming is my own. You can listen to my rendition here. Drumming starts at 0.35. I am...
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    Our own creation. (mixture of all kinds of percussion)

    Hello there. Most of you know me as a guy who posts drum covers. Today, however, I'm here to present something completely different. As I've said a dozen times before, I have been following drumming classes for more than a decade, and we also have additional classes called something like...
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    Is this a normal feeling?

    (No, this topic is not about a teenager finding out about his or her genitals.) I have been playing the drums for 13-15 years or so now. Which means: following lessons for that long. First I followed classical percussion and drumming (snaredrums theory, "standard" non-shuffle genres, but also a...
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    Too much snare reverb

    So I have been playing an electronic kit for about four to five years now and so I haven't had the need to tune many drum sets (only occasionally when helping a band out when their drummer was ill/absent). But now I am playing in a band. We rent a room where we can rehearse and a drum set is...
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    A cover of a cover this time. Hope you enjoy. The cover band is called Dirty Loops. Check them out! If you want, you can like my Facebook page (it keeps me motivated).
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    The definition of a "good drummer"

    After being sent this clip on YouTube I had a discussion with some people I know (that do not play drums) and with some people on the Internet (that do not play drums as far as I know). They argued (and persistently asked for my acknowledgement) that this guy "must be the best drummer I have...
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    Hum Hallelujah - Fall Out Boy - Drum Cover

    It's been a while since I have been active here, and since I posted some work of mine. So here goes. I am back! This is the first drum cover of the new "Broken" series. "Broken" denotes the state my current set-up is in. My sticks seem to break every few weeks, the drum heads are ripped apart...
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    Broken / malfunctioning triggers on TD9KX

    Hello I am playing a Roland TD9KX which is about four to five years old. A great drumset, but I am encountering some very frustrating behaviour: sometimes the hi-hat sound does not trigger. Especially the "top" does not trigger, the edge works most of the time. The bell does not seem to...
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    Fill-ins with bass drum technique. Book suggestions

    As the title says, I am looking for books and exercises that help me mix my bassdrum better in my fill-ins. Looking for Aaron Spears kinda stuff. Can anyone give book suggestions? I have been drumming (educationally) for more than ten years, so it rather advanced books should be fine, I have...
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    Who of you can figure out this quite simple fill?

    Normally I'm quite good at figuring out what someone plays. But in this case, no matter what I try to play it just doesn't seem quite right. It's the fill on 2.21 Sounds like 32nd notes, but no matter how I group them, it just doesn't sound right...
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    Drumming mats

    Hello I am looking to buy a TDM-20 mat for my Roland TD9. The question that I have is, are those mats meant to "screw" your pedals in? I don't know how to properly put this in English, so sorry for that. Most pedals (hi-hat, BD) have screws that can prevent it from slipping. I am wondering...
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    It's been a while. Be happy!

    Hi guys! First of, sorry for begin inactive for the last couple of weeks. Some personal stuff going on and exams coming up. I needed to get a break from all this so I listened to the radio and this song came up! It really made me feel happy, so I hope it makes you guys happy as well. I then...
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    Looking for transportation (soft) case V-drums

    I currently own a TD9-kx (standard config) and I'm looking for some transportation possibilities that will not damage the hardware. I've looked into Roland's own SC02-V/SC01-V but they are not making these anymore?! Any one has any experience with some good transportation ways? Not looking for...
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    Improvising over a funky/poppy mix by Ultimate C

    Hello I have come to realise that bringing covers isn't really something that is looked up to. This doesn't mean that I will stop brining covers (that's what I like to do). Some of you guys might even like them. But this post is different. As I have said already (in another post) I don't do...