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    Weird things I do as a drummer.

    I've got my 5B's doing RLRL on the way home on my steering wheel. One day that freakin air bags gonna pin me to the seat. 😨.
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    Bottom Drummer

    His kit sounds like ass.
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    Merry Christmas

    🎄 🍺 🍕 🎄 🍺 🍕 Have a Griswald Christmas you beat keepers. 🎅 🎄 🍺 🍺.
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    That's Not What I've Been Told! Drum Sound Physics

    Remember the YouTube video of Ford drum company owner with two others showing how all those shell types sound alike?. Like 8 toms?. He did go on to say that a Sonor drum will however sound different (which they didn't have) due to its thickness. I'm trying like he'll to back up my thoughts on...
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    8 lugs on a 24” kick?

    DW will say it's to increase resonance when it's actually a money saving move. Can't you just see all the drummers in the audience raving over the latest 8 lug 24?. Man! That thing has power!.
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    Anyone done buying gear here? Bozozoid and I'm a drumaholic. All's it would take is a set of phonics in the sizes I need an id fall off the wagon like I was hit by a raging buffalo nervously holding out my CC. How in thee hell would I tell my wife sitting at home waiting for me to return home with the pizza we...
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    Bottom Drummer

    Holds down the bottom. Probably the latest groovy musician cool guy slang.
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    Perhaps Silly Bearing Edge Question

    Any of you phonic users out there...if I'm not impressed with Mapex Orion shells (very thick) or Pearls original reference shells would there be a discernable difference. Of all the drums I've test driven over the decades I've not once ran into a phonic kit.
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    Riding the crash!

    Was in a 60s band for awhile and riding my 18" signature fast crash came in handy on some Beatles tunes (in sections).
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    Drum solo to open the show ….

    That may very well be the modern day equivalent to Innagodadavida!.
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    What the road had/has taught you

    Damn..thats deep drummer. Wow. I'm like someone listening to a riveting lecture. All of you have been through the 🔥.
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    CM Jones dumped Pearl for Sonor!!!

    Puff the magic dragon was a tear jerker as a kid. 😢.
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    What the road had/has taught you

    That my friend is hindsight 20/20 😃.
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    What the road had/has taught you

    Promise...eyes closed... 😃.
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    What the road had/has taught you getting to know you guys on a more personal level. I'm very interested in your musical trek as much as what ride cymbal you like. I get to peek into your soul.