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    DW 9000 vs. $50 pedal I can't remember

    When I realized I was making every uber pedal feel just like my ancient Camco leather strap pedal from the 60s, I stopped buying pedals and went back to an older DW5000 without the plate, which is an exact copy of the old Camco. I say find any $50 pedal and buy a spare and play!
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    Jobs for gigging musicians?

    A playing friend of mine runs a successful window cleaning business. I was surprised how much work he was getting, maybe spending 5-6 hours in the morning doing it, and making a small bank. He had all his afternoons/evenings free and his weekends.
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    Rack tom stand base

    It may be cheaper just to find a new or used double tom stand that fits your tom mounts though. Unless you find a shop that has a bunch or orphaned parts lying around, you’d have to special order a base that fits and you’d be charged the special price.
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    How loud to play in medium sized gigs.

    I think this is a tough situation. I always try to listen to the room from my position and take cues from the band if they want me louder or softer. But what's more important is the type of drums you're bringing in. Not in brand or anything, but in how you tune them. If you're supposed to...
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    Jam Space Etiquette

    Is he gone yet?
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    Drink holder for your drums anyone?

    I've never used a drink holder. And now with the Devo band playing a little over an hour, that's not enough time to be drinking something anyway. I just burn for the whole show, then get a drink after we're done.
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    Silver Sealer

    If you play really good, nobody will care ;)
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    Cascio Interstate Music News

    I just ordered and received a hoop from them. Bummer.
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    I've gone Frankenstein mode (again?)

    That’s a possibility.....
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    I've gone Frankenstein mode (again?)

    Yes, I have a beautiful natural maple Pearl Reference kit complete with ICON rack and some heavy hardware that I love to play (more importantly I take it out of the house often too). But lately I've really been digging on the drums I've been taking apart and putting back together. I've...
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    Are there any high-quality recordings with calf heads?

    If you want to try real calf without the tucking hassles, Earthtone gave me a couple of heads to try at the NAMM show. It wasn’t bad. Sounded a bit warmer, but I think that’s dependent on your bearing edges. If my snare edges were rounded, it’d be real warm, but on a modern 45-degree edge...
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    I don't care about movies much anymore

    If I’m interested, I’ll rent something from the local Redbox, or buy the Blu-ray if I’m a fan, but I haven’t been to a movie theater in over a year - and I think that was when the wife and I were on vacation somewhere, when we had time!
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    Are there any high-quality recordings with calf heads?

    I believe Danny Seraphine in the early days of Chicago still used calf heads, and even told Remo that he'd jump on their bandwagon if they could come up with a synthetic head that sounded close to calf, hence why the Fiberskyn was developed (the first version from the 70s was very different to...
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    Hi everyone, i want to discuss with you about a drumming thing: find the work and a professional carrer with a band maybe

    Learn how to play everything, and especially learn how to love everything. As Bermuda says, there’s no path, you just have to be ready for an opportunity to present itself, and if you don’t like certain things or can’t play them, there’s an opportunity lost. I’m a musician for Disney and...
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    Are mahogany/poplar shells versatile?

    Well, pop and rock are kinda one-trick pony genres so those shells will work. But really, if you can tune and play, you can use anything. Besides, once you start miking the drums up, no one but you will know what the shells are made out of.