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    'playing in the pocket'?

    Go find some Steve Jordan videos on YouTube. You might as well see it in action. Also find Jeff Porcaro and Jim Keltner. If you can find them, check out Benny Benjamin, Urial Jones, and Pistol Allen that did all the Motown stuff. Heck, look for Stevie Wonder playing drums. There are MANY...
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    Which one is better?

    I concur with the Yamaha Stage Customs. All the drums you mention are basically on the same range, but for best customer support I’d go with Yamaha or Pearl. But those Stage Customs seem built much better than Exports.
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    Ride cymbal for recording metal?

    Well, the criteria is for recording, so literally you could use whatever sounds good for the track, so be ready to try different things. I read somewhere that both Roger Taylor and Freddie Mercury were such cymbal aficionados, that they'd try all kinds of different ones trying to find the right...
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    Boston the "band" . . . . not a band!

    That must be a great situation to be in for am musician. How cool is that?
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    Boston the "band" . . . . not a band!

    Interesting, and totally believable. I’m reading Steve Lukathers’ book right now and I’m surprised/not surprised by his stories. He even said Gene Simmons stopped playing on KISS records altogether after they became a huge spectacle (which might have been as far back as 1975!). According to...
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    Bermuda's New Book!

    I ordered my copy. And you’re gonna sign it when I find you, mister! Congratulations on now being a #1 photographer and author!
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    Is a 24x16" bass drum that different than a 24x14" bass drum?

    I’m just saying when you’re working with an engineer on a gig, chances are there’s going to be a mic that needs to go in the bass drum, and just for the sake of time and the big band picture, the easiest thing to do is muffle and stick a mic in there. Stage noise kinda takes away from being...
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    Is a 24x16" bass drum that different than a 24x14" bass drum?

    Playing for Led Zeppelin, eh? 😉
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    Mixer for practice

    I get the early frustration about it. I think we all go through it. So we know you need at least a 16-input mixer. I know you can get a solid used Mackie 1604VLZ in the $275-400 range. Definitely get the right board first, then add mics as you can. Theoretically you could use two over heads...
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    Is a 24x16" bass drum that different than a 24x14" bass drum?

    It all comes down to looks. I like to see slightly deeper bass drums. A 16x22 looks cooler than a 14x22. When Buddy went with Ludwig in ‘78 and he went for the 16x24 bass drum, that just looked super cool. And let’s face it: you’re going to port the front head, throw in a pillow and stick a...
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    Mixer for practice

    I suppose you could XLR-combine. Totally up to you. You just never see it in a pro situation because they want individual control of each drum. You have to think in terms of EQ as well: one drum might not sound good with the EQ that makes the other one sound good. Would you be using more...
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    Question for the pros - help me out

    I need to see how you do it to make a judgment. Can you post a video?
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    Difference between Zildjian A Medium ride and A sweet ride

    It’s no K 😉
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    Ever keep using a beater kit after getting new gear?

    So if you didn’t save and spend your own money for it that makes it easier to use in public? Huh? Actually, if you buy pro level gear, it’ll hold up much better on the gig and survive transport better. That’s the other reason for buying better stuff - it’s just built better. This story will...
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    Playing this drum kit is like hanging with an old friend...

    That’s very cool you got to finally hook up!