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    Help date these Ludwig Rockers, please

    Hello, everyone. I recently acquired a Ludwig Rocker 6 piece drum kit for free. 10, 12, 13 rack toms, 16 floor, and 22 bass drum, all hardware included, and a set of ZBT's. I plan on cleaning these up, gig them a few times, and most likely sell them, or trade them in for new gear. The problem...
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    Kasza Cymbals?

    Hello, everyone. Ive been thinking seriously about getting a couple new crashes, and I like the sound of Kasza cymbals, more notably the "R" series. They arent very popular, but the sound clips I have heard, they sound good. I searched the forum trying to find a thread about them, but no...
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    YouTube of my band Panzram

    Here is a full set live video of my band Panzram from Albany NY. We are now a "power 3 piece", as opposed to the 4 piece in the video. Enjoy, and, as always, constructive criticism is always welcome. Caution: Lyrics contain adult language
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    Names of different types of blast beats?

    This is for the blasters out there...I know there are several types of blasts you can play, but what are they called?? I know the names- skank blast, bomb blast, etc. I just dont know which one is which. Im self taught, so I never got around and learned the names. Never really learned how to...
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    PDP Concept Pedals...worth trading for?

    Hello, everyone. I have been reading up on these new PDP Concept pedals, and I like them. A lot. A buddy of mine just bought a set of the doubles, and doesn't like them. Says they're too light for his taste. I have a set of Axis X doubles, and was thinking about trading him straight up, my Axis...
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    Hey everyone! Been awhile! New gear!

    Hey, everyone. I havent been around in quite a while, so I have some new gear to share with you. I picked up this used Ludwig Element 6 piece kit back in January, and I am just now getting around to posting it. Here's the specs: 10x8, 12x9, 13x10 rack toms, 16x16 floor and 22x18 bass. Evans...
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    Ludwig Element laquer 6 piece

    Hello, everyone! I have recently become a new member of the Ludwig family, so-to-speak. I purchased an Element series kit in the green fade with black hardware the other day, used, and I pick it up tonight. Sizes are 10x8, 12x9, 13x10 rack toms, 16x16 floor tom and 22x18 bass with a 6.5x14...
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    Zildjian A Custom Rezos. Why are they darker?

    Hello, everyone. Im picking up a used 18" A Custom Rezo crash for $25 later today, but Im wondering why they are colored darker than the rest of the A Custom line? They almost give off a broze B8 color as opposed to the golden B20 color. Anyne know why this is? Thanks.
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    Not able to attach files to my threads...

    I didn't know where else to go, but for some reason, I'm trying to post a couple of mp3 files on a thread in the "My Playing" section, and when I click on attachments on the toolbar, it doesn't open anything. I'm not suspended, or or anything like that, but for some reason I cant attach files...
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    Iron Cobra Wood Beaters (I want my beater response back!!)

    Hello, all. Right now, Im using DW plastic beaters with Danmar metal click pads on my bass drums. I want to change it up, but I need something with just as much attack. I was thinking of the IC wood beaters, and Remo Falam Slams on each. What do you guys think? The cutting attack of the metal...
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    Legend Drums...did a search..didnt come up with much.

    Hello, everyone. As the title suggests, I did a search on Legend drums, but didnt find too much. Theres a nice 5 piece kit at my local shop Im thinking of grabbing. 10x9, 12x10 rack toms 14x14 and 16x16 floors and 22x18 bass with 2.3 Super Hoops and maple shells all the way around in a natural...
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    Pay to Play gigs? Fair? Or not?

    Hello, everyone. This is a thread that was started on a Facebook group Im a part of: Whether or not "pay to play" gigs are fair to local underground bands. If youre unsure of what pay-to-play is: A band recieves 50 tickets. 5 piece band x 10 tix a piece. That band sells as many tickets to their...
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    12" splashes into hihats?

    Hello, everyone. I have this old Sabian Pro(NOT B8 Pro) 12" splash laying around, in decent condition. A few stick marks, but no cracks or anyhting. Ive been toying with the idea of making a set of x-hats out of it, but I cant decide on what to get for a top hat? What do you guys think would go...
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    Evans ST Dry vs Genera Dry

    Hello, all. I have an older Maxwin by Pearl C.O.S. 14x5.5 snare that I completely tore down, sanded down and repainted. Im now putting it back together after a few modifications to the paint,and now Im stuck on head choice... I first had an EC1 coated with reverse dot on the Maxwin, but I wasnt...
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    Review:Sound Percussion Heavy Duty Saddle style Throne

    Hello, everyone. Long time. I just received my new throne the other day via Amazon/Musicians Friend. I picked up the SP heavy duty saddle style throne, and now, here is my review. First off, yes its an SP product. So what? I know all the gear snobs on here will pick it apart and dismiss it as...