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    Songs with other artist name in lyrics

    Oh, and Grand Funk Railroad's "We're An American Band" references Freddy King. And "It's A Miracle" by Roger Waters references Andrew Lloyd Webber.
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    Songs with other artist name in lyrics

    “Smoke On The Water” by Deep Purple mentions Frank Zappa.
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    COVID and Creativity

    I'm glad to hear things are somewhat better. I see a PS4 in the picture. What are you playing these days?
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    Songs With the Bands Name in the Lyrics

    Beastie Boys - "Fight for Your Right" Oh yeah, quintessential answer.
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    You can read about it here: Technique vs. groove.
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    Very good drummer Emmanuelle Caplette

    Yeah... ...I might have missed that.
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    Very good drummer Emmanuelle Caplette

    I was thinking 18" the smallest, but - wow - EQ or not, that kit has some punch. I wholeheartedly agree. She has some really great fills, and it's a blast watching her sticks while she plays.
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    Very good drummer Emmanuelle Caplette

    3:00-3:04 was brilliant. She's a great player. The toms are 10, 12 and 14", no? They sound pretty deep for their sizes. Anyone know what size kick she's playing?
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    Kick drum problems

    Trying using your ankle more. From your video, it looks like you're using every muscle in your leg except for your ankle. Using your upper leg is ok for slower, heavier stuff, but usually not for faster tempos. At faster tempos, you should be using little of your upper leg, and mostly your...
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    Interesting bit of Beatles trivia

    Thread should have stayed buried. Shame, though, started off well. Plus 'ca change.
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    Learning Songs as the New Drummer

    Keep the spirit, and the notes will follow.
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    Drum kit not in use

    Put some silent stroke heads on it, add some low volume cymbals, take it all with you and practice night and day.
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    Trying to decide on a set in big sizes...

    I agree with @harryconway, there's "no substitute for cubic inches". @harry.evanz, have you asked yourself, "what would Bonham do?". I asked my teacher just last week what he thought of a 12" tom paired with a 24" kick, and "anemic" was his immediate response (I was actually wondering about...
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    Can Someone Do a Big Favor For Me???

    Sorry, I don't think anyone can. I hear it's the song every drummer tries to play, but they all play it wrong.
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    How many of you drummers can play the guitar.

    I learned enough guitar to write a few songs on it that I couldn’t write on the piano. But that’s it. I did, however, bring home an electric that was left at my rehearsal space after it closed for good last month. Maybe it’s time to pick it up again.