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    New "Crosstown" lightweight stands from Yamaha

    Our band is back practicing weekly - no marks on mine from loading in and out. I do use the bags that came with them though.
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    Hendrix - Fire drum cover

    I remember - great job!
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    Hendrix - Fire drum cover

    Nice - well done, its a busy song!
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    Best piece(s) of advice you've gotten from this forum?

    There has been a lot of really great advice across a broad range of issues , but the one thing foremost for me is that the trials, tribulations and challenges I face as a drummer are shared by many across the world - I am not alone.
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    The Beatles- Music Theory?

    Good one John! They had formal training just like "Keef. For anyone interested, the most well known example of a self taught Aboriginal musician ( in Australia at least) Is an Aboriginal bloke Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu. Google him - outstanding.
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    The Beatles- Music Theory?

    Up until a couple of years ago I visited a remote Aboriginal Community in central outback Australia every few months for 6 years. English is their second and sometimes their 3rd language. I had the priviledge to jam with a lot of the community musicians on occasions , bass, 6 string electric or...
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    Non-standard heads for Acrolite

    I did exactly what Dirtysticks mentioned a couple of months ago with my Acrolite. Cut the control ring off the bottom of the Genera Dry. Sounds good to my ear.
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    My Most Sincere Apologies to All on DW!

    I've always believed that making mistakes was part of life - it's what we do about them that counts. Well done Az .
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    American football!!!

    You could also try Lids or I get MLB Merchandise sent to Oz by Lids. They carry NFL Merch as well .
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    American football!!!

    I've been involved in the game since I was 12 and I'm now 67 and still coaching so I know a bit about the game. Its a minor sport in Australia so I'm in a real minority. There are a lot of complexities in baseball and even I think its a really hard game to understand . This is one of the very...
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    American football!!!

    I should add - only in relation to this rule.
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    American football!!!

    The pitchers is excluded from this rule - he/she is not considered to be an " infielder".
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    American football!!!

    MMm - don't think so. If the batter hits a runner with the ball the runner will be out - providing the ball hasn't passed an infielder. Sorry to be pedantic.
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    Question for the People Playing 4 Piece Drum Sets- Sizes

    I play 22, 16, 13. I play in a classic rock band and those sizes just match with the style of music IMV. I have always liked 13 “ toms and think the 13 pairs really well with the 16. The 22 gives me enough grunt and is not too cumbersome to lug around.
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    What ultimately made you decide on the brand of drums you play?

    Nostalgia and emotion really , but with sound quality in there as well. Like others here I grew up in the 60's and all my idols played Ludwig and Gretsch. When I came back to playing after 40 years off, about 5 years ago I played Tama, Yamaha and Tama - all really good kits, nothing wrong with...