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    Gretsch Ridgeland 14x6.5 Snare drum unboxing (Part 2)

    Thanks - as usual, appreciate the time and effort put into your review.
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    Mix drum head types?

    I used to be fussy about the heads being all the same - not anymore, getting the sound I want is more important, no one else cares anyway.
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    Gretsch Broadkaster Snare drum review

    I was going to ask if it was a typo but thought it was a bit rude to do so!
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    Gretsch Broadkaster Snare drum review

    Thank you. Wow! 190 hz at the lug is really low. Most of my Ambassador snare sides go from 350hz - 380.hz I'll try it though. Keep up the snare presentations.
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    Gretsch Broadkaster Snare drum review

    Thanks. That colour is just magnificent! I think you have said a few times that you out Diplomats on the snare side of your deeper drums - I tried that with a couple of 6 1/2 " drums but the Diplomat just kept stretching and de - tuning. Did you find that happens?
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    Brady goodness

    Nice - I had a Brady Jarrah Plyand sold it to a bloke in San Francisco late last year. There is one for sale on our local " Craiglist" for $2200 AUD.
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    Need help finding electric kit

    Excellent - Thank you!
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    Need help finding electric kit

    I've hacked into this thread ( apology if needed) as I need to find an electric kit for my nephews son aged 11 who wants to learn and noise is an issue it seems. I know nothing about e kits at all. My nephew wants to buy second hand. There are some for sale locally. They are: Roland TDID full...
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    Shoulder Injury

    My Physio did the same - specific stretches and exercises with a rubber thero - band to build up the area around the injury. Coupled with his strong massage weekly, 4 weeks in and I'm improving each week. I would be very optimistic if I were you as well.
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    Do I need a bronze snare?

    I have a Ludwig Hammered Bronze and won't part with it. I had a Copperphonic but that never got played because the Bronze was always ahead of it. They have " meat on the bones" I reckon.
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    Shoulder Injury

    I had exactly the same injury, except I have one tear only. Currently seeing a physio and undertaking exercises prescribed by the physio. Nighttime is the worst as I can'y find a position without it hurting. The dull constant ache seems worse. I don't know if it is drumming related as I have a...
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    Crosstown sleeve and packing thoughts.

    Same as Bo and Bermuda, haven't used the sleeves and the crosstown gear sits in my bag with all sorts of other equipment. No noticable scratches to see.
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    Noble and cooley Snare drum review

    Thanks again. As usual loved your profiling of the drum. Would love to own a N & C anything !
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    Craviotto snare drum review.

    Thanks for posting. I will never be able to own most of the drums you share, but I enjoy your analysis and description and customisation of them. I'm looking forward to the tuning post!
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    Drummers Dogs

    cute as!