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    Just stole some drums ---sorta

    Just got a killer deal on a classic set of '82 Tama Swingstars for 200 bucks. Complete 5-piece kit with 3 crashes, ride, hats, splash, throne, and fully loaded stickbag. Black wrap finish and the interiors are coated like the old Imperialstars used to be. Not sure of the shell composition but...
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    PDP Drumkit Upgrade

    Just thought Id share some pics of the upgrade project to my PDP MX kit. After years of gigging and traveling abuse, it was time to give em some TLC and a new look. Originally an emerald fade oil finish, I decided to go with a Curly Maple Fade finish from Bum Wrap Drum Co. They are very high-end...
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    S Hoops Revisited.....a diamond in the rough

    OK, so I swapped my snare batter hoop for an "S" Hoop on batter side. Wow!!!! Love em!!!! Perfect cross-sticks every time,Nice and beefy and most of all...consistent!!!!! So I ordered and just got S Hoops for my tom batters also. Can't wait!!!! I'm also recovering my drums in a curly maple...
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    Great Sabian deal.....act now!!

    Got to browsing around the net and found this : 2 Sabian HHx Xplosion crashes for $299.99!!!!! Basically you get one for free. I now have these and they sound amazing. The sound I've heard in my head for the ultimate crash sound- and now I have...
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    Recording e-drums discovery

    I finally figured how to get my Roland TD-9 e-drums into my computer without loss of quality. This has been bugging me for a while, and was researching and preparing to buy an interface when I remembered my Zoom H2. It IS an interface. Basically I ran the L/R outs from the module into a stereo...