Late start in music at age 30, taking up the harmonica and then vocals shortly after. Played with blues, folk and country bands until my late 40s, self-produced a blues album in 2010, then out of music entirely until June of 2021. Last summer was recruited to help with recordings and play harmonica and sing for a local pop-oldies band (5-piece outfit). Started fooling around on the band's drumkit between rehearsals, then jamming with the bassist and guitarist come July. The guitarist, with 55 years in the live game, encouraged me to pursue the drums, and in early September I bought a Mapex Tornado starter kit. In mid-late September we performed three times outdoors as a trio. After those shows I was offered the drum throne for the bigger, 5-piece band (existing drummer in early 70s and going through some health issues).

We did several Christmas shows with the 5-piece, with much of the material in 3/4 and 6/8 signatures, so I was thrown directly into the deep end. I have since turned some technical corners since the holiday season, and am rehearsing weekly with the trio and weekly with the 5-piece. It's been an interesting journey, both musically and technically with regards to upgrading and tuning my humble kit. Pretty cool to take up drums at 61 years old and return to performing as a completely different musician. I guess those years playing brushes on the phone book on the coffee table, and backing-up live performers with hand percussion, did lay some foundation for my move to a drumset ... that and 55 years listening to many types of music.

Mapex Tornado "Fusion" kit:

22"/10"/12"/16"/14" snare

Evans Genera Dry snare batter; Evans Snare Side 300;
Evans G2 tom batters; stock Remo UC tom resos; stock bass heads (EMAD batter and EQ3 reso on-order); Zildjian i Series cymbals: 13" hats, 14" crash, 18" crash/ride; Evans E-Rings on all top heads.

Gator soft cases, Profile stick bag, Profile cymbal bag.

Cool, Hot and Lightning Rods;
Vic Firth retractable brushes; Vic Firth 7AN with coated grip.

Rehearsal kit:

Early 2000s Tama Swingstar with various and newish Evans heads. Brand-new EMAD bass batter and EQ3 bass reso. Sabian "rock" cymbals and hats.

I look forward to engaging with other drummers on this excellent forum.

Thanks, Simon.
Ontario, Canada
Retired writer and photographer