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Drum Battle (starts at 3.30)
Louie Bellson - Simon Phillips
Brian Auger - Gerd Wilden - Peter Woelpl - Wolfgang Schmid
Laid Back Heart Attack Tango
from the SuperDrumming DVD Vol. I


Super Drumming - Vol. I - III

Gerry Brown - Bill Bruford - Dave Mattacks - Nicko McBrain - Trilok Gurtu -
Simon Phillips - Cozy Powell - Pete York - Ian Paice - Louie Bellson -
Bill Cobham - Steve Ferrone - Mark Brzezicki - Jon Hiseman - Ed Thigpen

Pete York's Super Drumming was an unlikely hit for German TV's SWR in the late eighties / early nineties, producing three increasingly ambitious series plus accompanying spin-off albums. It all came about from Pete's idea of assembling musicians to play in a live setting with the express aim of communicating the joys of drumming in its many shades.

These 3 DVDs, recorded in superb Dolby Digital 5.1, features some of the greatest drummers of all time in two outstanding recordings from 1987 & 1988! Features Louie Bellson, Bill Bruford, Billy Cobham, Ian Paice, Pete York, Simon Phillips, Nippy Noya, Gerry Brown, Freddy Santiago, Zak Starkey, Cozy Powell, and Dave Mattacks. 95 outstanding tracks are included along with extra DVD features such as intewviews with Pete York, "Making Of" video and Sound Tuning. If you're a drummer or you know someone who is...this is a must-have...

This indespensible guide to drumming features top names like Cozy Powell, Zak Starkey, Louie Bellson, Ian Paice and many more. There are 95 tracks in total, so if you like to get behind the kit and bash the skins this is definitely the release for you!