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Johnny Vidacovich:
Going Back and Forth between
a Jazz Groove and New Orleans Second Line


New Orleans Drumming:
Johnny Vidacovich - Herlin Riley - Earl Palmer - Herman Ernest

Formally a three-video boxed set now available in one DVD featuring over two hours of footage from the original programs which include: Johnny Vidacovich/Street Beats: Modern Applications - Herlin Riley/Ragtime and Beyond: Evolution of a Style - Earl Palmer and Herman Ernest/From R&B to Funk.
Johnny covers parade beats and street beats and applying them as grooves to the kit. His playing blends New Orleans parade beats with funk, reggae with second line, and Dixieland with modern jazz. The great band performances on this video feature some of New Orleans' best musicians.

Herlin with Wynton Marsalis, explores the history of the drum set as it relates to the development of jazz drumming, from ragtime to modern jazz. Beginning with military styles and moving through ragtime to jazz, he focuses on the most important features of each style. Earl demonstrates the R&B style helped create which includes shuffles, second line-influenced grooves and rock 'n' roll. Herman performs several tunes that reflect the rich, unique character of New Orleans funk. Both styles feature performances with a band.