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Default Music video by Dark Radio performing Sacred Line

Dark Radio - Sacred Line [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Bosphorus Cymbals:
15' Master Vintage Hi Hat
18' Master Series Crash
24' Master Vintage Ride

Tee Drums:
Spirit Custum Kit (my signature kit)
22x18 Bass Drum
13x8 Tom
16x14 Floor Tom
14x7 Snare
Constructed with vertical grain Birch with an outer ply of Mazur and a macassar inlay.

Wincent Drumsticks:
Jazz Stick 5A
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Default Re: Music video by Dark Radio performing Sacred Line

I must admit, the first few bars had me thinking this was going to be yet another modern crash/ride rock song, but I was wrong. I love it. I love everything about it. As soon as the transition to first verse vocal came in with that detuned bass line, I was hooked. The vocal work is inspired, as is the sour chord structure. I'm also really liking your slightly broken grooves. Great playing man - really!

When is the album coming out? I'd like to buy it :)



Oh, P.S. please stick around on the forum. You have much to offer. 5 DW forum stars from me :)

You've posted this in the "your gear" section. I'll ask the mods if they'll kindly move it.

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Default Re: Music video by Dark Radio performing Sacred Line

Loved the song Diogo, that syncopated pattern fits perfectly and I especially liked the little tom fills within the groove.
Keep On Drumming
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