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Default Different Gear for different Bands / Sounds

Hi y'all ,

I'm new to the forum, so I'll use this post to introduce myself and also showcase what I am playing with.
A lot has changed since I started playing drums 15 years ago, with a nice Pearl Export(22,12,13,16, 14-Snare) and a Bundle Avediz (14 - New Beat HiHats, 16 - Thin Crash, 20 Ping Ride).

I expanded my kit after relocating countries. I currently use a Mapex Meridum Birch(22,10,12,14,16, 14 Snare - Tuned high on the left) with an aditional 14'' Mapex MPX Maple Snare (tuned to get a fat low rock sound - Main Snare).

After years fighting with stands I am now a converted user, with a Pearl DR503 Rack. Life is so much better - But that's personal opinion. I still use stands for smaller gigs, where I don't take the whole kit.

Cymbal wise I am an avid Zildjian fan
- 16 A Thin Crash
- 13 A Custom Hi Hats
- 14 Oriental China Trash
- 17 A Medium Crash
- 6 A Splash
- 18 K Medium-Thin Crash
- 18 Oriental China Trash
- 14 A New Beat Hi Hats
- 18 A Medium Crash (Sometimes replaced by a 19 Z3 Trash Ride as A Crash)
Hardware and Extras
- Meinl tambourine(not in the picture)
- LP Rock Ridge Rider Cowbell
- Customized Bass Drum Head with the band logo
- Pearl H2000 Hi Hat Stand
- DW5000 Double Bass Pedal
- Evans heads: EMAD on Kick, G2 clear on toms, Genera(top) / Hazy 300(bottom) on main snare and Genera Dry(top) Hazzy 200(bottom) on secondary snare
- Moongels on everything :-)

This set is used on my Wedding and Function band Rock and Soul Machine. Which I added the percussion pieces and second snare to have better dynamic between pop songs and heavier rock sounds

My other band Input To Main, has a "smaller" setup, more details on my personal website below.

While playing with a metal band, I bought some of my dream cymbals, a set of Z3's.

Hope you like the pictures / gear...

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Halley (UK)
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