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Old 07-26-2015, 12:14 AM
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Default Re: THE CLASSIFIEDS - For Sale / Wanted

Originally Posted by Pyromaniac777 View Post
Just to let you know, I can get that same cymbal brand new on eBay with the warranty for $299. Lowering your price would be wise.
All my A customs i bought off ebay in perfect shape used, was half the price of a new one. I agree, its rough i know but i would cut that down to about $225.
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Old 07-27-2015, 01:26 PM
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Default Re: THE CLASSIFIEDS - For Sale / Wanted

Want to sell my Resonator kit sizes: 10, 12, 14, 22. Drums are located in Serbia, but I can reasemble it an sent it with insurance UPS. More info on: milosbabic@live.com
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Old 07-27-2015, 04:15 PM
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Default Re: THE CLASSIFIEDS - For Sale / Wanted

Originally Posted by manestane View Post
Want to sell my Resonator kit sizes: 10, 12, 14, 22. Drums are located in Serbia, but I can reasemble it an sent it with insurance UPS. More info on: milosbabic@live.com
The front bass drum head is very deceiving...
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Old 07-27-2015, 04:24 PM
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Default Re: THE CLASSIFIEDS - For Sale / Wanted

Hi, I have a DW 5000 Accelerator pedal, latest model with the tri-pivot toe clamp, dual-Bearing Spring Rocker and rubber bottom, not felcro. It's in great shape. I am just not a fan of the accelerator cam and ordered the 9000. I will be posting to eBay soon but figured I would see if any of you are interested.

I will let it go for $140.00 with free shipping. Pictures of actual pedal can be added if needed.


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Old 07-27-2015, 05:13 PM
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Default Re: THE CLASSIFIEDS - For Sale / Wanted

Hello 2Bsticks,

Have you considered ordering the DW Turbo sprocket (DWSP 1203)($59) and just converting the 5000 pedal from accelerator to turbo?

That way you don't have to sell one pedal and buy another.
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Old 07-27-2015, 05:31 PM
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Default Re: THE CLASSIFIEDS - For Sale / Wanted

I did think of that, but I hear it's not too easy to do for a novice like me. Besides I already ordered the 9000. Kind of excited to try it out. Thank you for trying to save me the money though :-)
Yamaha Live Oak, Magstar Drums, 1971 Slingerlands, Zildjian, Sabian, Paiste, Vic Firth, Remo
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Old 07-27-2015, 07:57 PM
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Default Re: THE CLASSIFIEDS - For Sale / Wanted

Originally Posted by Pyromaniac777 View Post
The front bass drum head is very deceiving...
Not for one fahrer..
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Old 07-28-2015, 12:22 AM
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Default Re: THE CLASSIFIEDS - For Sale / Wanted

More cave arrivals:


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Old 07-28-2015, 06:22 PM
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Default Re: THE CLASSIFIEDS - For Sale / Wanted

Got a pair of New Beat hi hats for sale for anybody in the local LA/OC/SD area.

If you're out of the area and want them shipped, you'll have to PM me on how to go about doing that because I don't have Paypal, and I don't want to pay for shipping either.

Anyway, here's the link. It's $130 for the pair.
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Old Yesterday, 08:53 PM
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Default Re: THE CLASSIFIEDS - For Sale / Wanted

Up for sale, is the ultra-rare 2007 AK/Craviotto 6.5x14 Nickel-Over-Brass Diamond Series Snare Drum. These famous and highly sought-after snare drums are rarely seen for sale, especially in the 6.5x14 size. This drum is #33 of 50 and is in pristine condition. These drums, 50 @ 5.5x14 & 50 @ 6.5x14, marked the first collaboration between Adrian Kirchler of AK Drums Italy and Johnny Craviotto of Craviotto Drum Company USA. These drums are arguably the finest Nickel-Over-Brass snare drums ever created, and remain one of the most highly sought-after snare drums around. This specific drum was originally owned by Nashville studio great Chad Cromwell. Chad used the drum on a number of sessions and eventually sold the drum to a collector. The drum has remained a collection piece and has seen minimal play. This drum has never been gigged out, and was displayed in a temperature controlled/smoke free environment.

This past May, the drum was hand-carried to the Chicago Drum Show. Adrian Kirchler was visiting from Italy, where he met with the collector and signed the batter head of this drum. As the pictures will show, Adrian's craftsmanship and hand-engraving on this shell is simply spectacular. Polished diamonds on a matte finished nickel shell, this drum is pure class...

Below are details on this very special snare drum:

- AK handmade, hand-engraved, Nickel-Over-Brass ONE-PIECE shell. Thickness of the shell is 0.7mm.

- AK Vintage Bearing Edges - rounded, turned over 30 degree edges, sealed into a triangle & soldered to the inside of the shell. Same method as the bearing edges of the old Ludwig Heavy Brass shells.

- Johnny Craviotto's Signature Snare-Bed.

- Craviotto Custom High Carbon Snare Wires.

- Craviotto Signature Nickel-Plated Diamond Tube Lugs.

- Nickel Plated 2.3mm Triple Flange Hoops.

- Craviotto Signature Nickel-Plated Butt Plate.

- Trick GS-007 Strainer.

- Remo Drum Heads. *Craviotto Remo Coated Ambassador, signed by Adrian Kirchler.

- Signed Certificate of Authenticity, #33/50, signed by Johnny Craviotto.

- Plush Craviotto Snare Drum Bag.

- Craviotto Drum Key.

This is the snare drum that sparked a revolution between Johnny Craviotto and Adrian Kirchler, and ultimately led to additional collaborations between the two master drum craftsman. The 2007 Diamond Series snare drum was the first entry into the metal shell market for Craviotto Drum Company. In true Craviotto fashion, the Diamond Series snare drum silenced any would-be critics to become one of the most sought-after brass snare drums for both studio and live work. Tonally bright and warm, the brass shell is ever-so-mellowed by the nickel plating.

The Diamond Series N.O.B. Snare Drum was created by two of the premier drum masters of our time, Adrian Kirchler & Johnny Craviotto, creating one of the most incredible snare drums the industry has ever seen or heard. Both a player & collectable, this truly is a special & unique handcrafted snare drum that rarely comes up for sale.

This drum is currently on consignment through BangGoBoom.com, click HERE for more info.

Owners asking price is $6300, and all serious offers will be considered. More photos and info by following the link above.

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Default Re: THE CLASSIFIEDS - For Sale / Wanted

I have several Yamaha medium-weight single-braced cymbal stands (4 booms, 1 straight) and two of the 3-hole tom/cymbal mount arms for sale. Stands in very good condition. The 3-hole arms are in mint condition.

For pics/more info just PM me.
I've been drumming for 35 years. I'm 34 years old.
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Default Re: THE CLASSIFIEDS - For Sale / Wanted

Selling my 13x5" stave snare for $240, free shipping, or make an offer. Almost every cover I've done on my channel has this snare in it. Fantastic for a powerful, biting, nimble snare.

Reverb listing (they take paypal too)

Also, a 20" Meinl Mb10 Bell Blast ride. $150 + $10 shipping, or make an offer. Really nice shimmering, bright ride, but without a lot of harshness typical of "lower" alloys like this.

Both listings include video demos.
Check out my Youtube channel!
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hi, its that time of year again for the summer clean up / blow out of drum parts and accessories.

all are new or in good clean used condition unless noted. lots of cool accessories here. the more you get the more you save. help me make some room!

everything here is $5. EACH (with some exceptions - noted) need the room and all must go.

NOT ALL ARE SHOWN HERE. there's approx 30 pics packed with items and its too much to post here. check out my site for pics and list: http://drummerfish.weebly.com/discount-bin.html

items deleted and list / pics updated as they are sold. if i find more stuff to add i will.

local so-cal pick up or shipping in the u.s.a. only:
- if it fits in a small priority box its $6.
- if its small enough to be sent in a stamped envelope (like the evans and remo patches) then its free.
- if it fits in a bubble mailer or box then i need a address to find out the actual shipping.

PM me or hit me personally if interested. for some items i only have one of or a set of, so all are first come first serve.


- 3 new gibraltar hh / kick pedal toe stops (each)
- 2 like new / unused 1" chrome gibraltar memory locks for tom post (each)
- 3 ludwig memory locks for the modular system (each)
- 12 memory locks for 1" tubes, arms, posts, etc...(each)
- 10 memory locks for 7/8 pearl tom arms (each)
- 3 gibraltar / pearl style memory locks. one is a 1" and two are 7/8 (each)
- 5, 1" memory locks for cymbal stands. these are the ones with the extended lip (each)
- set of 5 vintage looking memory locks for thinner 5/16 cymbal stands

- ayotte claw for i believe tom wood hoop. no plastic spacer.
- new standard snare drum butts. 2 for $5.
- 3 NOS nickelworks snare butts. hole spacing 1" center to center. no mounting screws (each)
- nylon snare cords. these are all new. i will break these up in sets of 22 (there's 3 sets total) retail for a 6 pk $5.

- new remo 5 1/4" port holes. 3 pk retail $25. these come in a pack of 3 with 2 bigger sizes that no one uses. (each)
- new aquarian port hole. same as the remo's but its black.
- 2 unused holz bass drum port hole cutters (each)
- set of 2 new pearl rubber grommets for their opti mount
- set of assorted rubber and plastic cymbal sleeves. some are hard plastic while the rest are rubber. the ones to the far right are rubber caps for...? these are incl AS freebies. it does not mean the whole set is free.

- open stock gibraltar external clip on muffler
- pr of 80's tama mufflers (1 is missing the pad)
- unused no name clip on external muffler. i replaced the bolt
- mij muffler. looks like its missing the lever
- 4 unused budget hh clutches (each)
- 2 taye quick release hh clutches. both do NOT have the bottom piece (each)

- new nylon strap for dw 9000 pedal with one pedal weight
- new dw wing screw for toe clamp (each)
- tama iron cobra beater shaft and weight.
- wood bass drum beater for a electronic bass drum pedal (factory bent shaft)
- 4 bass drum beater weights. the chrome one is a dw (each)

- 4 new pearl power shifter pedal cams. 1 sealed, 3 open (each)
- yamaha support plate for slave pedal. may be used with other pedals?
- no name foot board. no heel.
- rogers bass drum part.
- pr of new 8 mil wing screws for gibraltar / ludwig bass drum spur anchors (anchors shown for reference only)

- new danmar "metal kick" impact pad.
- set of new 5 evans flam patches in clear or black. retail for a 2 pk $8.
- set of new 5 remo flam patches. 2 pk retail $6.
- new / unused "drum dial" drum edge conditioner.
- 2 grip peddler. adhesive grip for your foot boards. they say they're for dw but i'm sure they can fit on other foot boards (price for both)
- "phat foot". this is a plastic strip with velcro that connects under the kick pedal to your throne so it doesn't creep away. retail $30.

- percussion triangle with striker (with a extra one)
- 2 used danmar percussion mounts (each)
- "frog" percussion block.
- clip mount for drums. not sure of brand, may also be for marching drums.
- wood striker for something percussion
- new clip on gibraltar drum rack logo + stickers and magnets.
- vintage "pocket pad" practice pad. generally hard to find. its 2 pcs of rubber with a pc of metal in the middle.

- unused taye drum keys. 2 for $5.
- unused ludwig drum keys. 2 for $5.
- unused yamaha drum keys. 2 for $5.
- unused yamaha dk30 hi torque drum key. retail $16.
- dw hi torque rack drum key (each)
- mij drum keys (each)
- 6 drum key sets. there's 2 sets (each has a ddrum key)
- 2 new L shaped drum keys and hex wrench. i think these are for tama pedals. 2 for $5.
- assortment of allen wrenches. most came from a store i used to work at, so these are most likely for dw, ludwig and tama bass drum pedals, plus a few extras.

- 2 mij snare baskets. one is pretty beefy (each)
- 2 mij snare throw offs. one is complete.
- 8 mil ball tom arm. probably mij because it does not fit modern mounts of today.
- 60's pearl? / mij? spur anchor (does not fit the leg shown)
- 60's pearl? / mij? spur leg
- set of 8 mij swivel nuts and springs. these are a larger diameter that was mainly used on mij kits of the time.
- 19 cup washers for cymbal stand posts. i will split these into 2 sets.

- 3 new pks of ahead replacement SAT (st and lt) stick tips. these are all in pks of 7. retail for a pk of 10 is $10. sell $5. a pk.
- part for pearl ha100 hh kick attachment.
- 1980's pearl pedal bag. no rips or tears. this is a actual bag, not like what we call "pedal bags" of today.
- vater quick release cymbal lock for cymbal stand. retail $13.
- no name leg rest for marching snare.
- DTS drum tuning system. hey, remember these? i have 2 that are open and both for a 6-12". both come with allen wrenches but are missing the clips. center box is for show only (each)

- roland rack clamp for electronic kit (holds L arms below)
- 2 new roland L arms for electronic rack clamps that hold the "toms". plus some hh parts thrown in (each)
- 2 rack clamps. one is a taye, the other might be a taye w/ no mounting screws (each)
- 5 used metal tubes. 3 are from taye drum thrones (tapered) and can be used to mount something on a rack, one is a short tube and the other is just a long tube (each)
- ratchet attachment for metronome. this mounts to a multi clamp then you mount your metronome to it. it looks like someone took a cymbal stand and cut off the top.
- 4 hole support plate with 2 3/4 long post for ....? this is black in color and usually seen under a electronic pad of some kind. great to mount what ever you need. hole spacing 2 3/4 and 3 15/16.
- what appears to be a upper portion of beginner cymbal stand, but its factory black, NOT cut off, its capped off on the bottom and was most likely originally made to be used in a multi clamp. it has a bolt on top so maybe it can be used to mount a tray or some other percussion thing. be creative.

- used taye rims plates. i have more not shown. nice small plates for custom projects (each)
- new taye die cut bass drum logos in black or white. 5 for $5. in any color (i have many)
- NOS taye round badge logos. these were used on early taye drums and have a adhesive backing and mounted with 2 screws (might have some screws) 2 for $5.

- unused 10" evans clear g1 drum head. open stock and has lite marks
- good clean used evans 12" frosted ec2 drum head
- set of 7 dw style push button female arms for cymbal stands. they do not have the dw logos on them. maybe early versions or prototypes?
- set of 10 round black thumb screws. i have no idea what these are for.
- ludwig speed king beater. the felt is loose but intact. maybe steal the caps or something.

3 sets of misc parts for the rims cradle ft system. as you would guess these are impossible to find. all are NOS.

= set 1 (top) 8 to lock the hoop in round plus 1 for a ft leg
= set 2 (middle) set of 4 rubber / spring groments plus 5 used extras (good for springs only)
= set 3 (bottom) 8 to lock the hoop in round plus 1 bolt

NON DRUM items:
- 2 new signal flex podium mounts (each)
- 2 unused road case handles (each)
- 2 new smaller butterfly style clips (both)
- 2 new amp wheeles. one is a gallien krueger (each)

- set of 3 new banana plugs.
- shure head set mic. i believe this is for phone operators. its NOS from a store i used to work at, but the foam ear pads are falling apart and the small clip that holds the mic arm is broke.
- peavey mic case. this looks like a small anvil case (no foam)

COAT patches:
- large unused aerosmith
- large unused motley crue
- 2 new john bonham logos
- 2 new fender logos

- various case / bag straps. details and measurements coming soon.
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http://www.drummerfish.weebly.com for drum parts, memorabilia and more for sale.
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