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Default Re: Daily Drumset Workout by Claus Hessler

Originally Posted by sethlowden View Post
Thanks, I appreciate it! It will take a while to make it past the first few pages. As written, it looks like you only document/evaluate after completing each two-page module?
You are right. It says so in the introduction. (Had to re-read it to make sure; I'd forgotten.)

Since Claus "suggests" to stick with the same set of exercises for at least one week, it makes senses to evaluate at the end of the week. Personally, I like to keep a *daily* record of my metronome's BPM setting, as well as a short note re how I did (with each exercise).

At the end of the week, you then decide whether you want to keep working on the same set of exercises, or whether you move on to new/different ones.

I used to have a ridiculously long list of "exercises I'm currently working on". Narrowing it down to somewhere between five and ten exercises, and really putting time into them, has definitely been one of the best adjustments in my practice routine ever. Claus sent me a couple of Moeller exercises over a year ago, that I've been doing every day since.

Hope this helps.


P.S.: Playing the first couple of exercises correctly, applying the Moeller whip, isn't exactly easy. Took me a while to get them kind of right.
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