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Old 09-21-2013, 12:48 AM
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Default Heyyo! L.A. drummer here

Hello fellow drummers!

Drums were not my first percussive instrument- I started on the piano when I was 8, and took lessons in that for 8 years. I played in a Jazz band for a while, and always was jealous of the drummer- who seemed to be having a much better time then the rest of us. I decided then that at some point I would get a drumset and start practicing. That day finally came when I was 16 and my parents lost a bet with me over my GPA... (never bet me on grades!). My first kit was a Mapex Mars Pro M series with tube lugs in a midnight trans black finish.... I played the thing to death, even with some very underwhelming Sabian B8 cymbals to accompany it... I did some playing in my church's youth band for a while, that was ok...but then I stopped. Then college came and I got crazy busy but still try to play off and on, until, well graduate school. Drums became a good way to de-stress and focus on something other than reading constantly...as a result I bought some real cymbals (HHX's) and started hammering away... I also realized I should probably get lessons, as I had hit a plateau and needed help. I've been taking lessons with a local pro drummer since 2011, and my playing has improved a great deal. I just recently bought a new drumset (Gretsch USA custom-wow-what a difference!)). I'm into prog rock and jazz. I hope one day I can sound 50% like Keith Carlock and Benny Greb, since those are my favorite drummers. The other 50% can be a mash-up of Jimmy Chamberlin and Mitch Mitchell.
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Old 09-24-2013, 03:58 AM
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Default Re: Heyyo! L.A. drummer here

Hey, MU, congrats on your Gretsch kit! I play a Maple Catalina... My drum retailer guy asked if it was A series... I couldn't answer, and was on a mission. Must ask him what the dif is, and how I can tell.

Anyway, welcome to the forum!
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