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Default Re: My DW Performance Black Velvet kit !!

Originally Posted by areFish View Post
DrummerBoy95, does your DW kit have reinforcement rings?
Sorry I'm not much of a gear head, specialist so I really don't know what reinforcement rings are... Could you explain it ?
I know that I'm lacking technical terms and the like, but it's due to the fact of having lived in africa (that's where I learnt to drum) and really, people there don't judge you on "wow this guy's playing a Tama starclassic blablabla" but more on "man this guy can make those drums groove", so that's the mentality I've kept as well. I chose this kit because it sounded great to me, I tried out other kits like the starclassic, and other DW kits made of other woods (i guess they were other woods because they sounded different), but I LOVE the sound I have. Same goes for the cymbals, I choose them because of the sound, not because of such or such brand loyalty. It's kind of odd to me, because as I said, back in africa, and up until last year that I moved to Peru where there's a larger market for drums (harder to be smaller than the african market haha) I had no knowledge whatsoever of brands; in africa, my dad had rented my teacher's kit, which was an unnamed kit with cymbals having no label on them either. I'm not justifying my "ignorance" in any way, and I'm by any means not trying to have a go at you guys: I'm really enjoying learning about the drums and becoming more of a gear head myself :-D

And thank you for the comments everyone :)

I'll try and post more pictures of the badge later on today, along with a china cymbal that my uncle got me for early christmas :D

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