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Default My Ludwig Centennials

Hey Everybody! I think I was finally able to get the pics of my kit up. It's a Ludwig Centennial kick and floor tom, with two Pearl snares. I use this kit for a lot of Experimental Jazz, Hip-Hop, Funk, and Rock. Here's the specs:

Drums: All North American Maple Ludwig Centennials
20x22" kick drum
15x16" floor tom
5x14" Pearl Morgan Rose signature snare drum (cranked to oblivion)
4x10" Pearl M-80 Snare

Cymbals: Zildjian/Wuhan
13" Avedis Mastersound Hats
20" K Custom Dry Ride
20" K Ride
20" Wuhan China

Tama Iron Cobra Kick Drum pedal
Miscellaneous other hardware.
Hope you guys like it!
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