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Default Re: Practice- To book or not to book

I use books that I find key, such as stick control, conversations in clave, new breed, advanced techniques, art of bop.
I also split my time and take parts of songs that I really want to learn and put them on loop on my DAW. I mainly do this to facilitate learning fills/phrases that I like. Sometimes I slow down the tempo of the original audio file so that I can better hear the individual hits.
I do this for maybe 3/4 hours during the day. I find any longer than this and I really lose focus as to what it is I'm wanting to learn. I also make sure to take breaks every 20-30 mins. I used to practice for upwards of 8 hours, and after a while I just felt like taking an axe to my kit.

I spend most of my time (evenings) playing with bands/musicians.
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