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Default Re: Gavin Harrison here!

Hi Florian

I will be in Manchester and then Scotland for a weeks vacation in July....any recommendations on things that need to been seen/visited?

Yes try and find the Loch ness Monster!!!

Hi Kalma

do you think an 18" A-Custom Crash can be used to cut it down to a Chime?
You used cymbals between 15"-17" right?

The 18" will have a larger bell than the 13-15. I don't know what it will sound like. If it's broken - give it a go - you've got nothing to lose.

Hi Fox622003

I Iike Porcupine Tree's music, but I generally dislike depressive stuff, and there doesn't seem to be more than 1 or 2 PT songs that aren't totally depressive or even fatalistic in their lyrics. Now, So how do you feel about drumming to this kind of mood in the songs? Is it about the music for you?

No it's just about the money - what would you like us to write about...picking daisies in a field?....I'm joking of course....I'm allowed to because it's my birthday.

EDIT: So wait, then the part of Futile we were discussing is just groups of three on the ride bell?

Yes absolutely.

Hi euphoric_anomaly

A question about the quick and fast "double strokes" you use in Break (specifically the intro)... are those linear in RR LL RR LL RR LL? You do them so fast between the hi-hat and snare it's hard to hear exactly what's going on.

they are inverted doubles RLLR. Sometimes I pedal the hi hat foot so it goes RLLF

Hi SantiBanks

One thing that I was wondering, how come that Steve never introduces the band? I have seen my share of PT concerts but I can't recall any time where the band is introduced (and this makes PT the only band I know that doesn't do this). Is this on purpose?

Does he need to? Actually on the most recent tours he does - and I do my magic trick!

thanks to all for the birthday wishes.

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