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Default Re: Practice- To book or not to book

Originally Posted by pcjazzdrums View Post
Alright, I understand what you're saying. But what kind of things do you work on in your 70% non-book practice? What's a typical routine for you?

Thanks for the reply, by the way.
This is what I normally practice when I play without a book:

I play along to all sorts of different tracks, mainly jazz, but some funk and rock.

Then, I work on my soloing. Recently I've been doing latin type soloing. I listen to a lot of solos and try to make my ideas in the solos flow. I try to make my solos one long idea.

I'll also work on technique, rudiments and moving around the kit.

Next, I will probably listen to music and if I hear something cool I'll try to imitate it. Or I will just mess around the kit and try coming up with some new beats.
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