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Default Re: Practice- To book or not to book

It's also important to keep a log of what you spend your time practicing. This allows you to closely examine your practice routines and gauge how fast you're improving.

I play between 20 and 30 hours a week, and I like to split my time up like this:
  • 60% Books - working on grooves and coordination. I focus on one book for a few months but also work on something different every day, so two books at a time.
  • 30% Technique - hands or feet, playing on the pad between homework assignments, while drinking coffee, etc. any time I can.
  • 10% Playing with drumless tracks or jamming with people.

I played for four years just playing 5-10 hours a week, and sometimes not at all. In the last year I've maintained this new routine and can now play simple stuff very well, keeping the groove tight and at least sustaining momentum during fills. I can play simple stuff well in most genres, funk, jazz, rock, although my double bass skills are pretty pathetic and I haven't had a chance to study Latin music (yet).

Now that I have a lot of coordination problems solved, I'm starting to focus in playing with drumless tracks more.
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