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Default Re: Practice- To book or not to book

Originally Posted by mikeg View Post
I'm positively not saying don't use books. If you have a teacher and he's asking you to use the books, then your doing the right thing by following his request. Many of the drum exercises in Gary Chester's The New Breed were given to Weckl before they were published. I read this in Modern Drummer article about Gary Chester a couple of years ago.

Are you recording any of your practice sessions? Video is best (in my opinion), but if you at least record yourself every so often, you can better identify areas that should become the focus for your next practice.
Yes, I understand that you're just trying to help out so thanks. I usually only record with audio but perhaps some time soon I can get some video going.

I was just wondering what people like Elvin Jones or other greats did way back when, when recording wasn't so easy and maybe books weren't so common. Yet I've still heard that some of the jazz greats got 6-8 hours of practice in a day. I wish I had the attention span for that...
Please help me out-
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