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Default Re: Practice- To book or not to book

Originally Posted by mikeg View Post
I also doubt that Dave Weckl is discouraging the use of books, and I would agree that books are not the best route. A qualified teacher is probably the best route. Dave Weckl was fortunate and studied with Gary Chester. It also sounds like you're spending too much time practicing by yourself. Grab any opportunity you can to play with other musicians. Many times the focus of my practice comes from ideas I get while playing with others.
Thanks to everyone for the answers so far.

In response to this message, I do have a qualified teacher but the way he chooses to teach me is typically by working through books. Also, I play in various small jazz and big band settings as much as I can but I guess I could always play more with others.

So, let's just say I stopped using books for a week. If I wanted to fill in an hour each night with stuff on my own, what would you recommend that I practice? Should I try to work out fills or just play along with songs? I'm just confused with how to think of things to work on without the aid of books.

I might have heard Mr. Weckl in a way that I interpreted his comment differently. I believe he said he doesn't necessarily endorse the book method, perhaps he meant that you shouldn't only use books. I am in complete agreement that it's never good to just practice one way. Thanks again to everyone.
Please help me out-
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