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Default Re: Practice- To book or not to book

Obviously, I wasn't there to hear exactly what and how he said it, but I don't think Weckl meant don't use books.

Early in his career, Weckl would go on at length about working out with Gary Chester's The New Breed, so he himself was very much from the book school of thought.

My guess is, based on seeing him in clinic 10,000 times and such since the 80's, is he meant don't rely on just books. One criticism he took early in the career was some people (keep in mind very few) thought his playing was too technical (i.e. he played like he was spouting off pages from a book rather than playing from the heart).

So I would assume he was simply warning against falling into the trap of just being a book player, and not doing other things, like playing with people, which is much different than playing parts out of a book. Or going to see live music, and listening to albums.

Books teach how to play drums, but few, if any, books, really explain how to play music with other people. And I assume that was his point.
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