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Default My Blue-Green Maple Starclassics w/ Gold Hardware: Revamped

I posted pictures of my 8 piece Tama Starclassic Maple a long time ago, and I think it's about time ya'll got a look at the revamped version. Being 16 has its benefits, as in you get to be spoiled by your parents :p. First I did away with the 24" kick and the 14" tom. It made my whole set up a lot more comfortable (I got a lot of comments with the old kit saying that the kit looked hard to play, and believe me it was). Also got rid of my GOD AWFUL cymbals and replaced them all with Zildjians and these two obscure but good sounding Sabian crashes. Finally, bought a DW 9000 (greatest pedal EVER) to replace the old 24 (which I still bring out every now and then when I'm feeling like Lars Ulrich). I've kinda learned in the past months that less can be more when it comes to drumming, regardless of genre. You don't need a trillion drums to still blow people away :)

8" tom (Remo Ambassador Coated over Clear Ambassador for all toms)
10" tom
12" tom
14" tom (not used)
16" tom

13" Snare (Coated Powerstroke 3 over Ambassador)
20" kick (Clear Powerstroke 3)
24" kick (Clear Powerstroke 3, not used)

DW 9000 Double Pedal
Pearl Hi-Hat Stand
Gibraltar V-Rack (not sure about the series)
Gibraltar cymbal stands

13" Zildjian K Custom Hybrid Hi-hats (amazing)
8" Zildjian A Custom Splash
12" Meinl Generation X Filter China
16" Unknown Sabian Crash
12" Unknown Sabian Crash
12" Zildjian K Custom Fast Crash
20" Zildjian K Custom Ride

and of course
LP Cowbell (sadly underused)

And finally the pictures:

I'd like some feedback :)
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