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Default Re: Updated Yamaha Power V

I would assume its Phillipine Mahogany or whatever else the early Stage Customs have used.

The Yamaha Power V and V Special were Made in England by Yamaha, when they trying to help get Premier off the ground again in the late 80's to the early 90's. Power V and V Special were the Stage Customs of that time. They changed a few things on the drums and in the line up, THEN came the name Stage Custom. They sent production back overseas again.

My school had 2 black and 1 red that had black painted interiors, which was stock on some Power V or V Special drums. Not a bad sound, but not the greatest either.

We ran Coated Emperors over Clear Ambassadors, Powerstroke 3 over stock and Coated Emperors on the steel snares that came stock with the kits.

The red one got stolen, but I ended up finding it for my school at a later date on a popular Canadian retailer website. I'm not too sure if they recovered it or not.
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