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Default Re: Caddy's Ludwig kit w/Zildjian cymbals

Wow! Thanks for the replies. This thread is making a comeback!

To update, I have since swapped out several of the cymbals for similar ones. I now use a 50s 18" instead of the 60s one. It has a slight warp on one side, almost like a flange, which I think adds to its great sound. I use these Zilco/Zildjian hats occasionally for really quiet gigs, but I've since been using a pair of 15" 50s hats that sound A-MA-ZING! Also, I've swapped out the 16" crash a few times, and I'm still looking for a more perfect specimen...

I've also started using different snares with the kit, like a pre-serial Ludwig Auditorium in green sparkle and a 70s 402 Supraphonic. I mostly use the Supraphonic with my Super Classics, but occasionally I mix and match. Keep it fresh, right?

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alparrott: Yeah, it's DEFINITELY a winner! It's a little finicky, like most vintage Luddies, but it seems the more I experiment with tuning it, the sweeter and sweeter it sounds...
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