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Default Re: Caddy's Ludwig kit w/Zildjian cymbals

Yes, the RIMS-imitation mount makes a HUGE difference in this particular case. Having the tom mount on the shell significantly cut down on the resonance, so I took it off. Now, there's a spot on the tom (above the snare, in the picture) where there's a couple of holes and a nice section of finish (from being under the mount all these years). I keep that part facing me.[/QUOTE

I forgot about this kit of yours, and reading this again reminded me. I happened to come across 2 original RIMS mounts, 14" and 16'... USED and in perfect condition. Like you advised a long time ago, I used them for my stand mounted floor toms. The difference is amazing. Along with Evans Genera G2 coated heads, I cant believe the difference. These heads compliment vintage shells perfectly(imo).

Anyway I have a few holes left from the original mounts and found that crumpling up a piece of clear plastic baggy(like for a sandwich), plugging the holes and covering them with a small piece of clear tape gives the look of the surrounding finish. Just a tip or suggestion for anyone interested.
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