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Default Re: Drummers in Web Design

I think Flash was asking for trouble by naming themselves "Flash"- they should have chosen something like "substance" instead. Anyway, it sounds to me that a lot of complaints are about sites that are noticeably done in Flash-some of my favorites are ones I had to look in the source code before I even realized they were in flash. I must say these anti-flash opinions are not reflected in the choices many of my peers' websites. I should mention that we're mostly jazz musicians in a big city (Chicago), so there is less concern with reaching people with dial-up modems as they represent an insignificant piece of our demographic. Elitist? Well, yeah, that's what jazz often is, frankly.

Another debate is mp3 players- autostart or not? (I'm talking specifically about musician sites-one should NEVER autostart music on non-music sites IMHO) I know a lot of visitors complain when music starts automatically, but look at it from the musicians side. A lot of time and money is sunk in these sites with the hope of selling some music, and why risk someone not finding, or choosing to click the player? Is there an implied agreement when a visitor visits a musician site that he/she agree to deal with an automatically starting mp3 player? I just found a site that automatically starts the mp3 player but offers the opportunity to turn it off. Unfortunately it reloaded and turned back on on every page! That's definitely annoying.
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